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Want to be the next No.1 artist? Here’s how…

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Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith. They all started somewhere, how did they make it and are you the next potential artist to break?

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Reaching global success and becoming the next pop star is entirely possible, otherwise, it wouldn’t happen at all! This industry thrives on the “who you know” factor and accessing opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. You need the right connections, that’s key in this business. Talent combined with the right influencers gives you the perfect slingshot to catapult your artist career.

So how do you connect to these high-level influential professionals?

That’s where we come in!

Whilst you can showcase your music on YouTube and hope for the best (hey, it worked for Bieber!) that’s just not going to cut it for most. At Music Gateway we provide a dedicated community of high-level professionals and our platform acts as a massive stepping stone to everything you need.

There is an easier, more direct method to success. That’s what we help you achieve.

Exposure, Connections, Opportunities, TV, Film & Adverts Placements

The road to success looks like this…

Be The BestGirl looking

Write Great Songs or Get Them Written For You!Artist tools

Find Your Dream TeamProducer in Studio

Grow Your Fanbase

Stage concert

To find your dream team, get connected and be the best you can you simply get started on Music Gateway. We start you off with a 60-day free trial Adventurer account, which is then just £9.95 for the whole year. That’s it! That’s all it costs to get started!

Whilst success doesn’t happen overnight it certainly begins somewhere, and ‘We are that that somewhere’.

Sign up and let’s begin your journey.

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“Making it in this business, means making sure you have everything you need to succeed.”
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