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DIY Fan Live Videos just came of age– Introducing Evergig

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Mary Woodcock


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Artists! Do you get tired of seeing low quality videos of your live performances around YouTube? The sound quality is awful and that guy’s head annoyingly gets in front of the camera just as the chorus hits? However, you know that fan videos are free promotion for you. They generate a buzz by showing off your live performance through a variety of different camera angles. In this day and age fans want to see live videos almost immediately after the event but you don’t have the money to create a professionally edited multi angled live video but aren’t a fan of your own fans videos!

What if there was a way to combine the best parts of your fan’s videos together to make a great live full gig video but with the HD sound quality?

Oh wait… there is!

Meet Evergig. Evergig invite fans to upload their videos for free of a gig and these videos are compiled into an amazing full length video. The tinny original video sound is removed and replaced with fully mixed HD audio from the gig.

The final result – a low budget live video made by your fans from a variety of different angles with that great HD sound you crave.

Alternatively as a fan you can benefit by being part of something big by helping promote your favourite artist/band. Your experience will be shared with the rest of the world! How could this get better you ask? Well, the lovely team at Evergig will also reward you every time you upload a video with points that will win you tickets, opportunities to meet artists and a whole range of goodies to excite you.

Sounds good? Yep. So how does Evergig work?


Fans film the concert – This could be one song, two or the whole concert.

Fans upload their video – this is free and can be uploaded through the website or mobile app.

The artist uploads the audio – Taken straight from the engineer’s mixing board.

Evergig’s AI Driven Editor does the rest – Videos are automatically edited and mixed with the master audio.

Fans view and share the video – In just 48 hours the final video is made available to watch!

Furthermore, artists are advised to let the fans know how they can get involved before shows by posting about the opportunity online and during shows with the use of flyers and video screen projections before the gig/during intermissions.

We at Music Gateway feel that Evergig are a great business and the kind of forward thinking company that is helping change the traditional fan experience and innovating into new ways to connect with your audience; and save you money at the same time!

Innovation is key in this industry and through the projects and contacts created on Music Gateway we feel that you can be just as innovative as Evergig. You yourself may find that contact you need or that project you would love to be part of, connecting people with great ideas and projects is what we are all about.

If you are an artist or fan we urge you to check out Evergig today and get involved with something very exciting.

Official Website:

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