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Drinks All Round! Happy 1st Birthday To The Live Music Act

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Mary Woodcock


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“That band last night at the pub were brilliant!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You weren’t there?! Mate… you missed out.”

So this is the kind of conversation you may hear more now than you did this time last year. Happy Birthday to the Live Music Act! Champagne? Send it over in the comments and I’ll make sure it gets to the right people…

To brief you on the act (if you don’t know already) it is now possible since October 2012 to put on live music events without needing to obtain local authority permission; which was previously needed under the regulation of The Licensing Act 2003.

As long as you meet the following requirements you’re all good to go!

You are based in England or Wales

You have an alcohol licence

There will be fewer than 200 people in the audience (for amplified music) – there is no audience limit for unamplified music

The live music will not take place between the hours of 23.00 and 08.00

(It is important to point out that a PRS & PPL License is still needed in venues for when registered songs or covers are played at the venue)

So there are now more places to play and opportunities to unleash your music to onto more local scenes. However, the benefit is not only on musicians but venue owners too. Pubs are one of the main venues that benefit.

“It’s an exciting time for both venues and musicians, who can use the opportunity to work together to create a growing audience and profile, and long-term success. As the research undertaken by PRS for Music has shown, live music can be hugely beneficial for pubs -pubs without featured music being three times more likely to close than pubs with featured music.”

This is great for local pubs as they can help involve the community more, help the local music scene flourish and as a result increase their profits through the increased attendees at the gigs buying their pints! 24% of publicans have reported an increase of takings of 25%-50% on music nights and 71% reporting an increase of 10%-25%. Sound good? Yes it does.

One year on and the live music act has been a success. The live music scene is gradually increasing and complaints over noise and anti-social behaviour have proved unfounded. This is great news. As a musician/band you now have more places to unleash your epic stage moves and woo your audience with those emotional love songs about your ex or political rants; that’s the trend I see in music today at least!

But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no! The boat wants to be pushed out further…

MU and UK music are now urging the Government to extend the exemption to cover venues up to 500 people in attendance. This would see bigger pubs and mid-sized venues opening their doors to more live acts of a higher status. This would be exciting as there would be even more opportunity’s to play to bigger audiences and as a venue owner put on nights for bigger acts. Also, if more dedicated music venues are exempt from the licensing laws then this opens up to a greater variety of bands; not every band fits a local audience in a pub (rock/metal). This is a great step by the industry and one I would like to see pushed further!

So have you seen your local music scene benefit this year? If not, why not spread the word to your local venues/pubs and get them ‘in the know’. Comment below your thoughts on the Live Music Act or any stories about how the act has helped you this past year. We at Music Gateway always enjoy a good read!

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