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Electronic Outfit Prysms Talk Creating Projects and their Video Release

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-Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical style

-We’re Josh Harvey and Sam Hardwidge from Nottingham and we’ve been making music together in a few different projects since 2009 but have been writing songs as a duo since 2015. We make electronic pop music mainly.

  1. -Being part of a duo how easy it to come to creative decisions?

-Surprisingly easy! When we’ve been in bands with more members it has been much harder to get everyone to agree on something. With a duo who are on the same wavelength in terms of what we want to gain from this project, decision making is quite easy.

-You’ve just released Good Question tell us about the single and the collaboration with Lauren Amour?

-We released the single on 25th September and you can hear it in all the usual places. The song was written in April over a couple of days and it all just came together really well. We thought it needed to have a contrast of male and female vocals and had been introduced to Lauren through Jason Hart and Keith Armstrong so we went up to Newcastle to record her vocals. Once we had Lauren’s vocals recorded we decided to turn to Music Gateway to find someone to mix and master the track and we picked Lee House who did a great job with it!

-How important is collaboration for you guys?

-Collaboration is very important for us because it means you get someone else’s opinion and input on your ideas, you can also learn a lot in the process too. Sometimes you can get so far with an idea that you start going round in circles and it helps to bring a few people in just to try and unlock something extra. There is also the obvious benefit of collaborating with other artists, as it means their followers will hear your music and vice versa.

-How do you feel about the current musical climate?

-Due to the age of the internet that we now live in, there are more ways of discovering new music than ever before, which can only be a good thing! Artists don’t need record labels to be able to get people to hear their music, they can work with producers, mastering engineers, distributors, PR companies all off their own back which is great. This does mean there is a lot more fierce competition but it only forces musicians to get better at what they do. The fallback to this is that to be a successful musician, you also have to have great business sense and have to think of more innovative ways of getting paid for your music.

-What brought you to Music Gateway and how are you finding the platform?

-We already knew about Music Gateway because we used to browse through and pitch on projects. We have used Music Gateway to find other potential collaborators before, but had never started our own project. The standard of work coming through is very high and it saves so much time when people can come to you offering their services, rather than having to do extensive research, emailing, waiting for responses, negotiating costs etc. Within 2 days we had over 40 brilliant mix engineers pitching on our project. Everything went through very smoothly and Lee House who we picked to do the mixing and mastering did an excellent job! We had already set our budget, meaning we didn’t have to negotiate prices and it gives you peace of mind that Music Gateway is there to help as a mediator in the unlikely event of a dispute.

-What’s been your career highlight so far?

-We’ve played shows at all of the venues that we grew up watching our favourite bands but nothing has compared to  hearing our music on big TV channels. It’s a great feeling when our songs have inspired people to create great videos and adverts.

-What’s next for you guys?

-We have just started a management agreement for the next 6 months which will enable us to write and develop some songs and work with some more people. We’re also continuing to work with Lauren Amour and have started some more projects with her already. We also have the music video to Good Question coming out in the next couple of weeks which was shot by our friend and ex band member Toby Curson (Lock-Up Rec).

Thanks for the interview chaps. If you are looking to connect with Prysms and other acts like them, head over to our site to get started here. MG Team x

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