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Emotion Is An Art -Songwriter, Lindsay Ullmann

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Mary Woodcock


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“It’s not about the words, it’s about the moment, the way in which the words are expressed, because words are meaningless without art, without feeling, without music! It’s all in the build up of contemplation..”

Emotion is what colours the universe; it’s the substance behind a painting or the passion behind a song. Basically it is an energy that derives from within and stirs our souls, awakening our inner beings and core beauty. Without emotion the universe would be dust.  This has been my belief since childhood that emotion feeds us!  It is in songs, it is in poetry, it is in theatrical plays, it’s what shapes us as humans, without it we simply couldn’t create.

Most people that take part in any form of art are usually people with intense illusions about life.  No matter what anyone tells you about revealing your true inner self you really should just go ahead and do it anyway, despite embarrassment, despite fear, despite judgement!  It’s all part of the learning process which goes hand in hand with being a creative artist.

My experiences in life have been up and down and throughout my teens I spent most of my time trapped in a little bubble of my own. It’s hard work being sensitive because emotion leaks out, it’s clearly visible on the surface and it can literally feel as if you have no skin! So you get by in life by floating around in this delicate little bubble..

It’s easy for people to burst your bubble if you don’t protect it however. More often than not, the bubble does indeed burst and before you know it you have become an emotional wreck. How do you deal with such intense emotions? Emotions that don’t seem human. Is it really possible to feel that deeply?

If you are an artist/musician yourself then you will of course have experienced the following:

+     Impulsiveness

+     Volatile mood swings

+     Emotional outbursts

+     And all kinds of obsessive, compulsive behaviour

Jeffrey A Kotler expressed that madness can afford certain individuals certain resources and abilities that are not available to others, the fantasy of life for example and the distortions of reality, creative minds are often “lost minds” but they have the power to help others see the world from a different angle.

All demons should be exercised, they should be coloured and framed! Music has a way of reaching into peoples’ souls and stirring them, it helps them to understand themselves better and it enlightens them. It tells a story and helps them to reclaim their own sense of identity and what  a privilege it is as an artist to be able to spread the word, to crawl underneath, to reveal certain truths that others shy away from.

As a song writer myself I understand and appreciate the undercurrents of human emotion. If it wasn’t there, we simply would have anything to work with. My song “No Skin” speaks about the vulnerability that we all feel when we have taken the world in and held it too tightly to our chests.

It can be really hard to let go!

I’ve worked with teenagers also, helping them to let go of the fear of acceptance. I help others to think outside of this little box they get locked in – the key instead is to just let go and be you, find a creative space, find a spiritual outlet, cut pictures out and stick them on the wall! Just do anything that brings you back to you! Be an artist, be who you want to be. And never be ashamed to display the depths of human emotion!

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