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Find funding for a non-profit organisation: Jazz for Peace

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We like to tell our users about inspirational communities within the music industry that are uniting people all around the world. So we were happy to find one of these organisations in Jazz for Peace.

They are a non-profit organisation, which provides Empowerment Grants, sustainable funding and advocacy for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide to enable them to be more productive and successful. Aiming to spread the message of peace and unity through Jazz, their motto is “Uniting People Through the Art form of Jazz”.

The whole idea behind the organisation started from a poem called Jazz for Peace, which Jazz pianist Rick DellaRatta wrote as an outlet for his emotions after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He then went on to form a jazz band under the same name, which started spreading the message of peace and unity. After a number of successful performances they got the chance to play at the United Nations in a concert that united American Israeli and Palestinian Jazz musicians.

In 2009, Jazz for Peace partnered with UNICEF and the American Red Cross to perform a jazz benefit concert in Rwanda allowing “the community to experience world-class music, while raising much-needed funds.”

Jazz for Peace helps provide finance for social causes, music events and arts education. They support different causes with guidance and financial help. In recent news they also have a new grant for outstanding artists which you can find more information here. This new grant enables our actual readers to receive funds from Jazz for Peace.

If you are a part of a non-profit organisation or need help/guidance with regards to events and spreading your message do check them out here.

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