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Game Changer: You’re Evolving, So Now We Are Too!

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Seeing as our members are constantly stepping up their game, we’re making sure that we do, too. Improvements have been made to ensure that we’re rewarding our hard-working and inspiring Game Changer members.

Before we tell you more, here’s a quick recap of our account tiers:

Game Changer – Designed for Industry Professionals.
Influencer – Designed for those in the midst of the Industry.
Adventurer – Designed for creatives beginning their journey.

For more information, take a look at our account tiers.

If you currently have an Adventurer or Influencer account, now is the time to surpass even your own expectations and take the leap to the top of your game! If you’re new around here, you can jump straight into a Game Changer account.

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In 2020, Game Changers will now receive the following additional bonuses:

Dedicated Account Manager

Game Changers will now have access to their own personal Account Manager. They’ll be available for any questions, concerns or guidance you might need because we want to give you the attention you deserve. You’ll also be able to book in quarterly in-depth catch-ups to chat about new releases, ask any queries and discuss anything else you’re working on. Get to know your Account Manager and reap the rewards of their focused attention and experience in the industry!

Bulk Metadata Uploader

If you’ve been a busy bee creating a catalogue of good stuff – we’ve got great news for you. Game Changers can now input mass sets of Song Information, allowing you to submit larger catalogues to the Sync Portal with ease. You no longer need to manually create ‘Song Info’ for each track. Instead, we will pass you over to a CSV where you simply input the ownership and track details and match that information to the tracks on your account! 

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Priority Status

Be first in line for opportunities such as Sync projects, A&R Projects and other exciting paid opportunities. You don’t want to be waiting around to have tracks approved or hear about your submissions, so we’re making sure to keep you in the loop. Skip the queue and stay on schedule at all times!

Getting Your Voice Heard

Your opinion is important – so we’re proving it by making sure that we send out regular surveys to make sure you have your say. Let us know how we’re doing, what you need and how we can help. Our job is to support and empower you, so keep in touch and let us know what we can do!

… And Even More Features, Coming Soon!

Well we can’t give everything away at once, can we?

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What Game Changers Still Receive:

All of these new benefits are additional – meaning that you’ll still receive all of the current advantages of a Game Changer account too.

Here’s a reminder of what you’re getting:

If you’re still unsure, check out our previous success. Here you can read about the amazing projects that our members have been a part of.

Invest in your future and sign up as a Game Changer to unlock your full potential with our new benefits! If you’re already one of us, all you need to do is upgrade.

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