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You remember Fiction Factory, right? Fiction Factory – “Feel’s Like Heaven”? No?? OK, let me fill in the blanks for you then. It’s late 1983, slipping into 1984 and “Feels Like Heaven” is riding high at #6 in the UK charts (and #2 in Switzerland and #4 in Ireland Euro-pop-pickers), before sinking like a one hit wonder stone, taking Fiction Factory with it…

Now, I know you’re wondering if any of this has any relevance to a cutting edge, innovative new way of pulling talent together from across the globe opening countless opportunities for musicians and songwriters the world over. Well as a young, aspiring drummer from Perth in Scotland, watching five New Romantic electro-poppers from my home town, flying briefly, Icarus like in the chart sky, before  straying just too close to the sun was – considering that it was as near as any musician from my local area had come to pop superstardom – something to aspire to. Yes, we had a “scene” in Perth, but in truth it involved about six bands and our collected friends as an audience. Our “big time” didn’t even register high enough on the rock Richter scale to rumble into the local press.

I’m aware that what I really needed was the balls to up sticks, drum-heads, cowbells and roto-toms and head off to London, Manchester or the home of the Priest and Ozzster, Birmingham, but let’s be honest, the chance of that sort of pot-luck, throw it in the air and see how it lands endeavour ending in success are slimmer than Iggy Pop after three years on the Atkins Diet! Especially when you consider that I didn’t have the funds to take my gargantuan percussionist’s corner on a day trip to the shops, never mind a tour of Europe. Whether I had the chops to hit the musical heights was debatable (well in my head it is anyway!), however if a platform like Music Gateway existed back in the days of counting on your fingers and tape trading, then I’d have definitely been able to find out – and without risking it all in the process.

Imagine a place where you could meet, discuss, transact, co-operate and create with musicians from every corner of the entire planet. Well, this is it – a place where dreams can become reality – with the help of people with real genuine experience of being there and doing it firsthand. A location where the financial risk is minimised, where auditions become a thing of the past, or where spending huge amounts of money every hour on rehearsal space, or travel is expensive old hat. Or even a place where you can unearth that magical person to complete the perfect band line-up, collaborate on that killer riff, or imagine up the perfect hook line to finish your commercial. Well Music Gateway is it, all from the safety of your very own recording studio, rehearsal room, or even your snug, cosy bed.

What makes this even more opportunity opening and therefore exciting, is that Music Gateway isn’t just for newbies or hopefuls like I was many moons ago. It is an opportunity for established musicians to further their projects and visions, by collaborating with songwriters who will add their own inspiration and imagination to their work. However it is also a way to meet label contacts without having to put on expensive showcase gigs, or to communicate with producers who they usually wouldn’t have the fortune to interact with. But let’s turn all of that on its head.  Producers or engineers could approach bands and offer their services, discovering talents and music that connects with them in a way that broadens their horizons, furthers their experiences and opens up new musical and professional gateways in a manner they’d never previously imagined. Labels, A&R people, band management, or PR companies could discover the perfect acts to work with, represent or promote – and that’s not all. Looking for music for your commercial? Well, Music Gateway could be the place to have people humming along to your product line. Have a movie idea that will only make sense with the correct musical backing? Walk through the Music Gateway and your dreams, hopes and ideas could become something far more tangible, opening doors and allowing your imagination to take an audible form.

However finding music collaboration on the internet isn’t new. Bands, labels, PR companies, they’ve all discovered some of the people who inspire and enlighten them through social media sites, email contacts or trawling for hours, days, or weeks through online video sites. However having a place where knowledgeable people, who have a real passion for music and the experience, contacts, track record and desire to make this type of contact an everyday reality, certainly is. But then, so is having a place where there are people you can trust to help with those awkward transactions that involve sending off the work you’ve spent hours and hours crafting into something you’re genuinely proud of. As is somewhere that facilitates and secures the financial transactions that we all want and need to make the musical world continue to go round. These are the things that Music Gateway will specialise in, allowing you to worry about the important bit. Making the best sounds you can, with the people you’ve met on this site, before Music Gateway makes sure you find the right people to make sure it gets heard.We keep hearing that the music business needs to change, that the current ways are going to die. Music Gateway is it. A way to genuinely create, collaborate, market and enjoy what we are all deeply passionate about – music.

This is no fiction factory, Music Gateway is for real, but it is certainly going to feel like heaven!!!

Music gateway would like to thank Steven Reid for this own words and support, thank you.

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