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Music plays a huge role in our society; it’s played on the radio when we wake up in the morning, we hear it in the supermarket as we do our weekly shop and it accompanies us as we brave dark skies for a night out. Music literally has the ability to change the world. So why is it being so undervalued?

At a Liberal Democrat’s Conference, held in Glasgow on 17th September 2013, UK Music’s Jo Dipple questioned Business Secretary, Vince Cable, as to why creative industries seem to lack support from the Government. The music and creative sectors were excluded from the Government’s industrial strategy, causing Dipple, alongside many others, to wonder just why creative industries receive very little backing, when they play such an intrinsic role in our day to day lives.

Vince Cable admitted, at the conference, that the “creative industries had been undervalued”, resulting in a public call from the event’s UK Music Panel to give more liquid access to finance and support for such a skilled workforce.

Ten years ago, Vince Cable introduced a private members Bill showing huge commitment to the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Now, his Government must follow in his footsteps and show they understand how important a strong copyright regime is.

Musicians are putting their entire heart and soul into creating something in the hope that it could be the next world-changing anthem. They should be allowed secure protection around their creation to guide them through the process.

An enforced copyright regime will increase growth for both music and the owners of the digital rights, therefore benefiting the global digital market.

Creative industries are an essential part of our culture and creative content is enjoyed across the world; we are able to share ideas, creations and even masterpieces through the mediums provided by the digital market. Surely it makes sense to increase the industries’ ability to grow?

Cable added “The Coalition will continue to maximise the sectors capacity to grow, working in collaboration with industries via the Creative Industries Council and through our actions in Government.”

It is without a doubt that the creative industries offer huge potential for growth, worldwide. With many children holding aspirations to be the next Beyonce, or to write like authors before them, it’s important that all industries are seen to be successful, creative or otherwise.

A child aspiring to be a musician is no different to a child who aspires to be a surgeon; both are providing a service, across the globe, and therefore access to finance and skills should be equally spread.

In fact, access to finance and skills across all industries, not only creative, should be vital.

The UK has bred some of the most talented artists:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse…even The Spice Girls. Why should lack of support and funding deter us from encouraging the next generation to aspire to be better, and bigger, than those who have walked before them? It makes sense for creative industries to be fully supported by the government, to be given the same amount of belief, funding and encouragement as other industries.

After all, waking up in the morning without music on your radio isn’t going to make your breakfast any nicer…

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