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So for all of our UK business entrepreneurs we’ve recently been informed of the MBE programme offering new UK grants & loans.

The MBE programme is a pilot scheme running to support SME owners to study at Business Schools.  This initiative is likely to close during September, so there is a ‘window’ of opportunity here. So we advise a quick response if this is of benefit to you!

UK Grant –  Top level criteria are as follows:  

You need to be applying as the director of a business registered in England

Have to be a start-up (or a company with less than 5 employees)  have plans,  ambition and reasonable prospect for significant growth over the next 3 years.

Approval is contingent on:

First being approved by Henley under our application.  Please therefore do not delay in your submission and please progress discussions at the same time, with growth accelerator.  This is in your hands to push through.

There is up to 50% off year 1 fees or potentially 50% of the full MBA if you pay in full for the programme. However you will be talked through this by Growth Accelerator.   Either way this is significant assistance as 40% of the MBA costs are billed in year 1.

Also… The Executive Loan Facility:

For all applicants you will also shortly be able to access an executive loan facility up to £20K.  This will be approved by end of July and possibly made available by a bank we have been negotiating with at some point during August.  We all know how tight it is to access finance through banks and this will come with its usual hurdles,  but nevertheless is a significant step forward.

Again to apply for this you need to have been approved on the MBA programme and have a letter of acceptance.  So again, there is an opportunity to be ahead of the queue by getting on with your application immediately.  Once the executive loan facility is ready this will be announced on Henley’s website so keep checking!

Also there is a full scholarship available through Ticketmaster.  Application deadline is end of September (please see their website).  Again your application to the MBA for the Music & Creative Industries programme (next intake March 2015) has to be approved first and then you can apply for the scholarship.

The Criteria for this is as follows:

Must have 3 years experience in a management position, leadership team position or executive/director and hold a good quality degree or have 5 years business experience.  Henley are looking for people who are decision makers, hold responsibility and have to guide or lead others.

The SME MBA offer is open to not just the creative industries but also to SME’s, but a general SME would applied for the flexible MBA programme and not the MBA For The Music & Creative industries which is the flexible programme plus other content.

If these are of interest to you don’t delay, apply today!

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