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Hoxton Whores DJ’s lay in down in exclusive interview

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon Skinner

Jon Skinner


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­­Music Gateway are pretty chuffed to reveal that devilish DJ duo Hoxton whores are acting as both judges on our remix competition.

Hoxton Whores was born in 2002 as the collaborative brainchild of DJ’s Gary Dedman and Kevin Adams. Since its creation over a decade ago,Hoxton Whores detonated the world’s dancefloor and produced over 800 dance smashes. To put it simply the Hoxton Whores are huge!

Additionally to their international success, the power-house pair also formed one of the UK’s most successful dance music distributors Essential Direct.

To have such a talented twosome on board would provide any budding producer with a unique insight of the music industry.

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