If Music Be The Food Of Love … Pitch On

Written by Mary Woodcock

14 February 2017

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We’ve gone a little bit soppy at Music Gateway and whilst we are anticipating February’s real day of celebration (Pancake Day) we couldn’t help but jump on the Valentine’s Day hype.


We want you to find your musical match


At Music Gateway we want you to find your musical match, and we can help with that. With other 35,000 members looking to connect creatively. There is no genre untouched, no instrument unplayed, no song unsung. There is a Music Gateway member out there to fulfil all your musical needs. Distance is no object, we are a global platform which allows members to collaborate via our workspace. How do you find these people? Start by creating a project.


“If Music Be The Food Of Love … Just Pitch On” With a 30% off discount on a Pro/Business membership.

T&C’s Apply

Just in case you’re bored of getting flowers or your flowers haven’t arrived yet. We’re offering our members 30% off of a Pro/Business Membership. With a Pro/Business membership, you can share the love by pitching on more projects, adding more tracks to our Sync Portal and reduce the commission on any paid work. Better than flowers right?

Put Your Music Out There, Pitch on a Project

At Music Gateway we try to accommodate for everyone so today we have 2 projects live. One for the lovers, and one for the independent women the mans solo. We will be putting the best tracks in a playlist, to present to relevant sync opportunities. As well as this, we will be selecting 5 members from each project and reviewing their Music Gateway profile providing feedback and tips.


Have you wrote a love song? We want to hear those love songs. Those classic ballads that tug at the heartstrings with their poignant lyrics.  Pitch Here: 

Want to shout out to your ex? If you’re more a fan of the upbeat, feel-good music that makes you dance like no one’s watching. Pitch Here: 

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