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In just over a year Music Gateway has risen from strength to strength. Since launch in August 2013 we’ve seen a whole range of projects created on our site and it’s about to get a whole lot better. We even have a new video for you to watch!

So why have we updated our site?

We don’t settle for just “OK”

We’ve listened to our users and put our heads together. We know what you liked, what you wanted to see and we had a few new additions of our own to add. Now after months of preparation we’re glad to say it’s finally here.

What have we done?

A lot of things, but first of all we’ve given our site a whole new look. We must say… we think it’s rather snazzy.


New layout

See the left-hand display? This way you have constant access to the pages you need so navigating around our site is the most intuitive that it’s ever been.

New features

We realised that when running your own projects and pitching on other projects, you wanted a clearer way to separate the two and clearly know where you stand.

Well, now we’ve split “My Projects” & “My Pitches” into two pages and it’s now clearly displayed at which stage your project or pitch is at.

Now you can see where you’re at in the three columns.



Our Workspace has also been revamped with a heap of new features for you to use and enjoy.  It allows you to keep everything you need in one place, audio, videos, documents – you name it!

On the whole, our Workspace has already made online working and secure payment transfer much easier for our users and guess what, it’s now a whole load better. Just look at it!

Access everything anytime, anywhere.

What do our users have to say?

Since our launch just last year a whole range of professionals have used Music Gateway, but don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say!

“The unique tool for adding timeline feedback to audio and video is awesome, I’m super impressed with what they have created.  With their open marketplace, we’re able to find remixers, session musicians and of course track down new emerging talent. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Eric McLellan, Director, A&R – Sire Records USA

“The fact that our final work files were only transferred over in return with our payment, meant we could conduct business without any concern, absolutely perfect.”

Jerome Schmitt, Main Engineer – The Air Labs Mastering Studio


It’s all about you!

Now we’d love to hear what YOU think of the new site!

Swing us an email at and be sure to spread the word about our new changes and features.


Private Network

What’s next we hear you say? Introducing our Private Network.

This is a completely new & unique project management tool with a load of features that we are very pleased to announce.  We specifically designed it for the creative industries, solving a lot of the daily, time-consuming tasks & issues you face.

Now you can…

Manage your network

Assign briefs to your team

Reduced turnaround times on projects

Utilise the Workspace for an all in one solution

“With Music Gateway I have my own closed network that I control, so I can make this happen in a much more effective way, saving myself heaps of time.”

Dave Lambert, A&R Consultant – Island Records UK


Check our new Private Network video below… go on!

Want to know more? Why not speak to a member of our team about getting your own Private Network? If you’re interested and want a quick demo, you can contact us here. Or, if you’re already aware of how Music Gateway runs, why not create a new project here?

Now, be sure to share, tweet and tell your colleagues and friends about our new features and Private Network. We’ve been connecting the creative industries for over a year now and we mean it when we say… we’ve only just begun.


From all of us at,

The Music Gateway Team

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