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Launch of Groundbreaking Playlist Feature for our Members

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We’ve launched a brand new playlist feature for members of the Music Gateway community that will act as a pitching and file delivery system therefore allowing professionals to create stand alone playlists and share them with clients and/or third party members via a private invitation.

The feature is accessible to everyone who is a member of Music Gateway and you can see this in our new account types here.

What You Can Do

The feature allows you to create playlists of your music or a client’s music and send it out to your own CRM Database. You can either send out a URL in your own emails or you can send out designed invitations straight from the platform. These can also be password protected so you’re able to send unreleased tracks over to whoever you like. The feature can also be branded which means you can style it out in a number of ways. If you’re sending out your newest album, brand it with the album artwork or if you’re sending songs off for sync then brand it with your artist logo or the TV/Film branding you’re submitting too. You’re also able to choose whether your files are accessible by download or not and you can even restrict the download to an mp3 file as oppose to the master wavs if you’d like. There are so many ways you can use the playlist it leaves the opportunities endless.

How Does it Work?

That’s easy, head on to your account and select ‘My Playlists’ on the left navigation bar. From there you can click around and test the system, it’s private to you until you send it out so dive in and check it out!

The Value in the Playlist

Already launched, the tool will enable labels and management to streamline their creative process and present their music professionally. The feature means they’re able to manage their projects start to finish and increase their licensing opportunities leading to an increase in revenue. Not only this but the tool will also allow artists to self-manage in an easy and constructive way.

The feature comes after much feedback from industry members who are already using the platform. With this in mind, not only is the Playlist Feature made to fit the needs of the majors and high-levels it also means that this is how they want to receive music from others. The tool is also in conjunction with market research and the new guidelines set by the Guild of Music Supervisors.

We recognised that a proper functioning software for music professionals is missing. As we strive to create a service that works for professionals across the globe with a variety of industry needs, with every step and new development, we’re growing to be the perfect tool for everyone across the industry. It will be accessible for everyone who’s a member of  the Music Gateway community from Public Marketplace to Private Network.

Pitching for Sync and Song Placements

The pitching tool has generally been created to make the process of choosing tracks for projects/briefs made shorter and simpler. This tool will be especially designed to cater to the needs of Music Supervisors, Music Editors and A&R representatives. The tool will also cater to artists approaching A&R team’s, Record labels and Managers making the process effective and professional. However, this is not to say that it could not also be used for Producers, Songwriters, Session Musicians and the rest when wanting to show their existing portfolio and work to external members of the site.

If you’re interested in the new playlist feature or any other parts of the site then take a login to your account or sign up for free today.

Any questions? Get in touch.

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