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Greetings music lovers! Music gateway is proud to announce its partnership with! Their involvement with the Music Gateway competitions is not to be missed!

Having followed the piracy war during the past few years and having had many different views whilst the situation escalated, I think it’s about time more services like this existed.

Link busters are an anti piracy monitoring service… What separates them from other anti piracy services I hear you ask? Well, most anti piracy sites focus nearly solely on peer to peer file sharing sites which only account for a small percentage of piracy. Link Busters also target the most popular method to illegally share files – ‘filehosters’ like Zippyshare, Rapidshare, Megaupload and Hotfile. A staggering 80 percent of all illegal downloads is obtained through filehosting sites. These sites rank among the most visited websites in the world: Rapidshare, the leading filehoster, with 30 million visitors per month. Over 500 versions exist today and their numbers are growing rapidly.

We all know what piracy does to creative media system, the music industry and musicians in general. Piracy damages the music industry. It takes away from legit, legal sales which ultimately take the profits away from the creator of the music in the first place. Not to mention the record companies and pretty much all key roles that it took to make the music. This lack of revenue has a domino effect on almost every aspect within the industry.

From a pirates point of view
If a musician makes a track available in some way then the pirate has the ability to post it on these file sharing sites. Everyone now has free music and films at their disposal whenever they see fit. A download link can be used by thousands of people and re-downloaded without remorse.

Link Busters is here to help the music industry. Their service actively searches for links to illegal or copyright infringed material and destroys it…quickly.

Link Busters are not afraid to let everyone know their success rate either; boasting an astonishing 99% of removal of file sharing sites, and a 70% removal rate for torrent sites.
Ultimately with a competitive price for all this protection, Link Busters is certainly setting the standards for anti piracy in the music industry.

Keep checking back for more on their involvement with the Music Gateway competitions.

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