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Myself and the Sync team here at Music Gateway HQ, deal with submitting music to clients on a daily basis. We’ve tried all of the commonly used ways of song submissions until we decided that none of them provided all the features we needed. So we created our own Playlist tool to satisfy our needs, which you can use too.

The Playlist feature genuinely makes our lives easier on a day-to-day basis. It lets you provide a streamable selection of your music and media, but also provides you with the flexibility  to enable the downloading of both MP3 / MP4 preview files and/or a high resolution WAV file or High Quality video files.

Our playlists are fully responsive, meaning it’s available to stream and access on mobile, tablet and any device with an internet connection. There is no need to download extra apps or to login to third party websites. It’s absolutely key to remove all barriers trying to check your music and videos.

A BIG issue when submitting and pitching, is making sure that your file metadata is complete and filled out in a correct format, especially in the world of sync licensing and presenting to Music Supervisors. Well, it’s a good job we developed a global solution to help you manage this issue. Your data can be securely stored within the Cloud and you can update all of your files in one place within your account.

If your tracks are high resolution WAV format files, you can still add the metadata info to the page (because you cannot embed metadata into a WAV format files, due to the various issues that are far too boring to mention here). and if the client chooses to download an MP3 version of the track, the metadata gets embedded onto that MP3.

To make sure your message comes across in the right way it is key to provide relevant information and context within your approach. This is where the playlist description, and timeline comments come into play. You can describe what the general purpose of the playlist is, highlight key points within the tracks and make sure the client doesn’t miss the highlights you want them to listen too.

When it comes to security, we take our platform and your copyrights as the utmost of importance. We therefore, provide you with the option to password protect playlists, which can be send to your client within your secure personal email.

Now we have the format covered, it’s key we look at the e-mail approach.

No acquaintance of mine is a strong supporter of the exquisitely sophisticated and overly-official business-worded E-mails (tongue-twisty eh?). So keep it casual. The person on the other side of the screen is a person like you and me and simple & casual approaches do wonders. Make sure you use words associated with positive emotions and get straight to the point.

Context is key. Mention what makes your work stand out. Don’t write an essay about it, but if you think that the chorus of the first track has a great hook, mention it!

Genuine compliments – if you’re a genuine fan of the work of the client, mention it. Everyone loves compliments. Whenever I personally talk to a supervisor who’s worked on a show I’m a massive fan of, I mention it. Obviously be careful not to go over the top.

Here’s an example of an e-mail containing all of the above elements:

Hi Christo,

Good to see you last night at XXXXXXXX. Re your search for 1979 authentic funk for “Christo’s Show”. Love the show, last episode was absolutely hilarious!

I’ve put together a playlist of One-Stop ’79 funk for you to check out here. 

The top track is particularly relevant to what you said you needed.

Let me know if any of them hit the spot and if you need anything else.

Thanks, Lucas

The playlist feature is available to be used by Music Gateway members and you can access it on here and start creating your playlists.

As I mentioned above, it’s important to provide relevant information and context to your e-mail approach. Therefore it’s key to personalise every single submission based on the person you’re submitting to.

We fully understand it takes a lot of time and preparation to do manage this process. Through our Sync Portal, we act as a Sync Agent, and have a dedicated team dealing with briefs and song submissions on a daily basis. I highly recommend checking it out and uploading your tracks onto the portal as it will give you access to a wealth of opportunities!

Thanks, hope you like the blog. All the best Lucas x

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