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MG takeover Audio Rokit and Acquire more Users and Projects!

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Sophie Small


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We’ve just completed a deal to purchase online song submission service, Audio Rokit! Do you know what this means?! No? Let me tell you!


Over 40,000 Users


First and foremost our user number has now surpassed the 40,000 mark. Which has not only exceeded expectations for this period of our strategic timeline but also means that there are more prospects on our site than ever before. It means higher quantity of people to choose from and higher quality project outcomes.


What is Audio Rokit?


Audio Rokit is a system with a music leads and pitch process with the main aim to ‘save musicians time and hassle when sending their material to music companies’.

Not unlike Music Gateway, Audio Rokit is dedicated to making sure their members know about the latest music industry opportunities. This is made easier with the process of submitting music to these opportunities with an in-built song submission system. The site includes a comprehensive list of latest auditions and vacancies, member’s success stories and a talent directory where you can promote yourself and your music.

Sound familiar?


The aims are the same – to provide people in the creative industries with a platform to succeed – so we’re bringing over Audio Rokit’s driven and talented members to join ours and create sweet, sweet music.

What does Audio Rokit’s CEO say?


“What I appreciate about Music Gateway’s model is that they don’t charge people to pitch on projects, which is the case for many companies out there. They don’t allow any parties that are providing opportunities to profit from the process or use them to generate revenue on some form of profit share. They are a company that are in it for the long haul with a strong ethos of supporting talented people within the industry.”



What does Music Gateway’s CEO say?


“We’ve had a close eye on Audio Rokit for some time now and recently an opportunity presented itself, allowing us to acquire the business. It was fundamental to Darren Monson, ex-CEO & Founder of Audio Rokit, that his loyal customers benefited following the completion of the deal. It is equally important to us that we deliver during the handover.”



Projects coming through this week


We’re already seeing a boost in projects coming through the site so here’s some of our favourites that came were published this weekend.



Joint Venture with KDigital brings exciting projects


Another one of our collaborations we were talking about last week was our new joint ventures. Further reading on this here. Here’s our two current projects published on behalf of KDigital.

Major Asian Record Label seeking fully produced song and track for $1500-$5000 Song Placement

Songs Needed for Major $5K- $30K Asian TV & Drama Sync Licensing Placements



Live Producer or Keyboard Player Needed


Artists Manager, Neil Goulding, is looking for a live producer or keyboard player to tour with one of his female artists. She has an albums worth of songs already recorded with more ready to go. Sounds good to us! Check it out here.



Graphic Design needed for EP release in March

Music Label, JAZMAE MUSIC, are looking for a graphic designer to do an original back and front cover for a new EP plus a logo design for their label. Read more here.

Written by Sophie Small

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