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It’s almost time for Midem 2014!

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Mary Woodcock


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You have your meetings booked, contacts sorted and your now ready for one of the biggest yearly weekends in the music industry, yes Midem is coming.

As we’ve told you in our previous article this is a quick reminder that we are presenting as a finalist for this year’s Midem Pro Lab so do make sure to check out our presentation, give your support and see what we have planned for development this year.

Our CEO, Jon Skinner, and our creative director Phil Carr shall be attending and amongst presenting/attending various meetings we invite you to connect with them to discuss various business opportunities or to just have a general chat. They will also be attending Sunday night at The Tavern for definite so do feel free to stop by. Visit our ‘Meet the Team‘ page if you want to see their faces beforehand!

Until then get posting projects, pitching and achieving your goals through Music Gateway and feel free to get in contact with us to discuss how you specifically can use the site to benefit you.

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