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Midem Conference – Advice You Need If You Go

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Midem Conference – Advice You Need If You Go

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our social media and emails, you probably will know by now that we went to the Midem conference this year! We also took along one lucky winner, Kate Thomas. Continue reading to see why we go to these events and why you should go next year.

Midem was jam-packed this year as we met up with other companies, saw some panels and most of all met with great artists, publishers, managers and many more, a lot of which were you lovely people from our community! If we bumped into you at Midem – it was great to see you. If we missed each other, get in touch and let’s chat anyway.

Мusic Gateway at Midem conference, midem sign

Here are just a few of our favourite quotes from panels at the conference:

“I’m not necessarily an expert on K-pop but it’s been really fun to watch how it’s grown over the past couple of years and what’s really exciting and intriguing to me is that it highlights how global music has become and how multi-cultural the US market especially and the rest of the world has been and how accepting it is to music that isn’t in their native language.” Danny Rukasin (Billie Eilish’s Manager)

As a focus, in the music industry in general, a big sync is a big sync. I mean it can take a catalogue artist and propel them from complete unknown status to ‘Wow who’s that?’” Erica Forster (Collab)

Mark adams, Sophie Small from Мusic Gateway with Midem Ticket winner, Kate Thomas

Kate Thomas

Don’t just take it from us though! We had a chat with our ticket winner Kate Thomas on what the experience was like for an artist and songwriter trying to make business connections in the industry.

Want more tips on how to make the most of Midem? Mark, our global head of Artist Development And Music Promotions also had a short interview in which he tells you all the top ways to make the most of Midem and why coming to the conference can be beneficial for your career:

Something that helped me personally as a first-timer at Midem was AIM’s ‘Midem Hacking’ Masterclass. A few of us from the team went as some of our previous ticket winners were panellists at the event. Nabsora and Dani Senior talked about their experience at the conference and the opportunities that they got out of it. We also had the chance to catch up with some of our friends working over at Midem and get tips directly from them as well as an insight into what the future holds for the event.

Well, it’s sad to say, but bye Midem and can’t wait to see you again next year!

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