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Another hectic week at Music Gateway, we’ve been here (the office), there (conferences) and everywhere (EVERYWHERE).

Here’s what you might have missed:


Our guest blogger and industry expert, Rania M M Watts, put together an article for our users about how to create the perfect press release.

Using her experience as an artist reviewer and bringing in other experts from Punk Archive to bring users the best advice.


We’ve had some huge projects from our partners with almost ridiculously quick turnarounds. Luckily, we’ve had great responses with over 100 pitches on some but we just wanted to stress to users how important it is that they keep in touch with what’s going on at Music Gateway.

We try and inform users as much as we can but the management of high demand projects is a huge task in itself and sometimes we can’t reach everyone before the deadline is over.

Here are the projects with the quick turnovers for your interest:

– Dance Productions with Topline needed for Female Dance Duo

– Dance Anthems needed for the main theme song of major concert

– Producer needed to Re-arrange/Remix Major Artists Next Single – HIP HOP

– Looking For Songs For Major Female Singer & Rapper Collab


We attended Sync Summit this week and loved every minute of it.

It was so nice to get away from the computer and see how much the site is affecting the creative industries in the flesh. It was great to meet existing users as well as generate some new users and hear everyone’s feedback and enthusiasm. The couple of days were well spent and it should soon become obvious on the site with an increase in even bigger and fresher opportunities than we’re already seeing.

Music Gateway, Project A&R Manager, Jonathan Bond


This week also meant we spent the day at AIM’s Music Connected.

Music Connected was a really good day, the panels were really insightful and we met loads of interesting people. Now it’s just a case of taking it all and putting it into the site so we can improve the opportunities for our users.

Music Gateway, A&R & Project Manager, Laurence Malpass


CEO, Jon Skinner is on his way over to Vegas. This is what he has to say about the matter:

Here are our favourite projects from the week:

– Seeking FEMALE TOP WRITER / POP R&B Vocalist to record tracks

– Female rapper for invite to private Network

– Male rapper for joining our private network

– Seeking Male Vocalist to Record Vocals for Duet type Pop Song (Online Remote Collaboration)

– Island Records need Talented Vocalist to join Private Network

– Female World Vocalist wanted – ref Lisa Gerrard

– Neo-Soul-Jazz-Pop Songwriter – Producer Needed for DEBUT ALBUM

If you’d like any advice on perfecting your profiles, pitches and projects to attract the highest quality of users contact us on or get going and create your own project like the guys above!

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