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The New Music Seminar (NMS) conference starts on Sunday in New York City, and Music Gateway will be in attendance with a competition winner. Max Rivera form The Romantic Era (TRE) will join our CEO Jon Skinner, to take in the special three day seminar featuring; music executives, songwriters and performers.

NMS is attracting big names to the conference, including; actor and singer, Denis Leary, singer/songwriter, Cassandra Kubinski, and producer, Alex Bilo, among many others. The events will share insights into the music industry, network with advertisers, and build brand ambitions for companies and talent.

The conference is sure to showcase the future of how music will be consumed, and how artists will enhance their branding strategies. Music distribution will also play a big part in the seminars. As physical copies of music declining, US chart record company, Billboard will be telling us how music distribution worldwide will better meet demand.

The few days will cover all the big issues affecting the music industry, from how technology is influencing music to advertising on music streaming sites. Musicians from all over the globe are flocking to the event for the open forums and a seminar in artist development in the current economic climate.

Music Gateway is very excited to be part of this pinnacle event for the progress of music. It is the lynchpin event of music, collaboration and technology that represents our work, and we are excited to be a part of it.

We are also very excited to have Max Rivera from TRE accompany us. The Pennsylvanian pop-group embody our collaboration using sharing technology ethos with the level of participation they have brought to their profile.


The Romantic Era 

Being labelled as “the younger, newer version of Black Eyed Peas” by the US media has made the group very open to collaboration. With pop-rock melodies and vocals combined with soul and club beats, the band are a true mix of all genres.

TRE’s enthusiasm for collaboration comes from the team spirit entrenched into the group with 3/4ths of the group being former American Football players at college level.

TRE’s enthusiasm and thirst for reaching out to the future of music collaboration is why we are very excited to have them at NMS with us.

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