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A big thank you to everyone who has already pre-registered on the website, we have had a great initial response within days of posting our overview video and we have received great feedback some kind words of support, I’m glad to see that people share our vision and understand the concept of what we’re addressing with the Music Gateway Global Business Platform.

We are in our pre-launch phase at present and are looking to raise awareness of our service, so over the coming weeks and months, we shall be announcing some important information about the platform, which will be a unique marketplace for the music industry. We will provide information about how we deliver free work opportunities, career development and music project management.


What better way to give something back to our future users and to display our commitment to making a success of our platform. We will be announcing all the details of these competitions in the new year, but for your information now, we can tell you, we will be running a number of high profile remix competitions aimed at Producers, DJ’s & Re-mixers. We will be conducting a best vocalist category, which will be not only for traditional singers, but open to rappers & beat boxers. We will also be running a competition for best live recording act & a best songwriter. Our prizes will be to provide content creation, career development for the winners, combined with A&R introductions to our partners at leading record labels, artists management & publishing partners…. lots more to come about the competitions in the near future, so keep posted.

Music Gateway – Exclusive Video Interviews

We have an exciting line up of music industry professionals, who we have recently video interviewed. The videos will provide a great insight into their role within the industry and provide useful information about themselves, their career and company profiles. There is some great career advice and some funny stories as well, so be sure to check these out once posted.

Music Industry Articles

We have hooked up with a number of professionals within the industry from PRS, Record Labels, Studios, Distribution Companies, Artists and Musicians to provide some great content for our Blog, we shall be posting these on our Blog over the coming weeks and months, whether you are an experienced professional yourself or fairly new to the industry, I’m sure there will be useful content for you to digest and of course, we welcome your comments on each topic.

Music Gateway – The Record Label

We have a number of plans set out for the label, one of which is to release a compilation of new music from our registered users, following the launch in 2013. At present we are open to music from any genre and style, as we don’t want to pigeon hole the content to much.

“It’s important to me, that I review and consider all forms of music, from different styles & cultures from around the world, of course personal taste always comes into any A&R decision, that’s human nature, but I have always been open to such a wide range of quality music, having spend years being a Professional DJ and managing a record shop. My aim is to showcase great talent from our registered users and support their career via our partners and connections”

Jon Skinner – Founder & Managing Director

At the label, we shall be looking to sign & work with new and established artist’s for single & future album releases, if you would like to submit your material for consideration, please pre-register for the website and send me a flavour of your best songs / tracks via to

Music Gateway – Features & How it works

So far, we have only provided a high level overview of the business platform, I have received a large number of emails and enquiries asking for more detail and specific questions, all of which i have replied to personally. But don’t worry we shall be providing feature information and further videos about the platform in advance of the launch. We can tell you, that the platform itself, whilst very functional, has been kept very simple ;).. That’s the first rule during music collaboration!

Stay in touch

We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, including feedback good or bad about our platform and we especially want to hear from you about anything music industry related, which is associated with supporting independent music professionals.

We really appreciate your support so far, so please do help spread the word and connect to our fan page & twitter feed for regular updates.


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