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We have a number of features that we think you should get to know in order to make the most of the opportunities available. This post will focus on the On Spec Project type and should give you a good understanding of when to use it.

To put it simply; good use of the On Spec Project type can yield outstanding results!

Differences between Standard Projects & On Spec

With a Standard Project, the project owner must decide who to work with BEFORE working with them. With an On Spec Project, the project owner will typically be looking for the finished product from a user, rather than someone to work with directly. The talent submits their finished work BEFORE the project owner decides on whose work to use.


The project owner is looking for a remix of their track. Rather than run the risk of receiving an unsatisfactory result from a their chosen talent in a Standard project type, the project owner wants to know they’re getting the best result by choosing from a range of already completed remixes submitted by various different users.


The project owner has the benefit of choosing the best remix and then paying only for the work they decide to use (project owners can choose more than one submission). The risk to the project owner is significantly reduced while guaranteeing the best result. No need to commit to one user before hearing their remix and no need to wonder “what if someone else did it, would I have got a better result?”.

The benefits for the project worker or ‘talent’ are also huge. The talent does indeed run the risk of not having their submission chosen, but the risk is worth the reward! This project type levels the playing field and ensures that the best work wins regardless of your position on the industry ladder. Your finished piece is further material for your personal portfolio, added experience and your chance to be selected and paid by the project owner.

Remixes were used as an example, but the On Spec. project type can be used for anything!

Naturally, project management is made easier due to the process and time consumption can be cut drastically. Use On Spec. when your project needs the greatest result with minimal risk.

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