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Music Gateway Features: Profile
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At Music Gateway, we’re all about career progression. We have a number of features that we think you should get to know in order to make the most of the opportunities available on our unique platform. This post will focus on the profile feature and should give you a good understanding of how to make the most of it.

Once registered, users can create their profile which acts as their public profile and online portfolio. You can represent yourself, any roster you control or artists that you have permission to manage. Furthermore, you can profile a business or company such as a record label, publisher or agency.


Defining your skills will determine the potential work opportunities & notifications you receive. Users will be informed about posted projects that are relevant to their skills. Posted projects are how users connect through Music Gateway.

It is important to include all your skills that you intend to use on Music Gateway projects, if you don’t you’ll be missing out on relevant notifications and, ultimately, amazing opportunities! Keep checking your notifications, some projects are on a very tight schedule and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect opportunity because of time.


Upload your audio which best reflects your talent & skills & services you offer. You can login via Facebook & Soundcloud whereby we will automatically transfer your music to your account.

Take the time to understand what material best reflects your talent. Remember, your profile acts as your portfolio, whenever someone is deciding to work with you they will be listening to the uploaded tracks on your profile… So make them relevant and make them shine!


You can also upload images of yourself, your artists or a business you represent.

As before, you must remember that these will be the visual representation for your profile (and therefore, your portfolio) so make them fit your music & talent and try to keep everything looking as good as it can be! A messy, incoherent and unprofessional profile will reflect poorly on you.


Completing projects generates feedback for both the project owner & the worker. Your feedback acts as a site ranking & increasing your site positioning when pitching for work. Your full profile displays feedback, recent activity, biog, music portfolio & quick links to other areas of the site.

Feedback will be another major decision maker for users looking to work with someone on a project… No-one will want to work with a user who has lots of negative feedback! Getting good feedback is easy though! Just make sure you carry out your collaborations, projects and work in a respectful & professional manner.

Having a great profile will raise your chances of work and collaborations. In turn, your career progression will be moving in leaps and bounds! Keep it coherent, keep it professional and make your profile work for you

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