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Music Gateway Features: Standard Projects

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We have a number of features that we think you should get to know in order to make the most of the opportunities available. This post will focus on the Standard Project type and should give you a good understanding of when to use it.

Standard Projects are designed for fixed fee session work. Looking to hire a guitarist, a singer or a producer? Standard projects are perfect for hiring session musicians & finding new talent.

The benefits to this project type are simple… Session musicians are always looking for work, and projects are always looking for session musicians! The problem has always been finding eachother, the even bigger problem has always been finding the RIGHT talent for your project.

Music Gateway removes these problems.

When your pool of contacts is limited (note: everyone’s pool of contacts is limited) it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. With Music Gateway, users can post their project requirements (for example, a rock guitarist with specific influences) and have every relevant user notified about the opportunity… No time wasting, no legwork, just state your needs and budget and have users pitching for the chance to work with you. It’s the no-nonsense solution to finding who you need quickly, simply & efficiently. With the use of the Music Gateway profile feature, project owners can choose the right talent with confidence.

For session musicians, producers, sound engineers and any other role within the music industry it’s the sea of project work opportunities that the industry has lacked.

In summary, Standard Projects are best used when your project has a budget and you’re looking to hire talent for a fixed fee.

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