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Jon Skinner


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I am proud to announce the arrival of our new Landing Page Introduction Video. I hope this gives you a good visual insight of our forthcoming business platform, which is due to launch next spring 2013.

Over the coming weeks and months, myself and my team will be providing information on our competitions & posting unique & helpful industry articles, together with some great video interviews from various professionals and of course, plenty more information about my company Music Gateway and the benefits it will provide to you.

So the video….

It’s always difficult to put together a summary of words & text which clearly explains a full monty system like Music Gateway, as I designed the platform with flexibility & you in mind. There are a wealth of features on the platform, which provide a global, cross music genre, cross industry role service. From A&R, Producers, Singers, Songwriters and Musicians, the platform caters for all roles in the music industry, with multiple ways to use the platform, generating work and connections to the right talent that meets your project needs.

At first my team pondered on how best to represent the platform which includes career development and work opportunities, but I wanted to steer away from all the technical stuff, and I guessed you wouldn’t want to see diagrams and various flow charts, that’s just plain boring!

I believe in supporting the Music Industry and individual professionals or aspiring professionals, whether you are trying to climb up the career ladder or simply want to work with other great talented musicians. I designed the platform with you in mind, as I am one of you, without sounding too big headed, I have been there and done it for my sins and for the record, loved every minute of it. If any of you are interested in my personal background, you can check out my LinkedIn profile Linkedin I would welcome a connection.

Drawing on my own experiences, starting at being a DJ in the late 80’s, to managing a record shop, producing music & managing record labels over the past 20 years, I decided to create a business platform, which addresses many of the issues that I encountered along the way, one of many was finding it hard to connect to the right people for my own projects and for my artists, without paying through the roof.

So, I hope you like what you see in the video, I would like to personally thank Louise Rhodes Brown, one of my team members, who worked tirelessly to help create the fantastic finished video, thanks Louise, you’re a little star.

The video is a broad overview of the platform and should show you why I believe it will benefit you personally. If you do like what you see, it would be good for you to support us and spread the word, there is the usual share links and you can add yourself to our Twitter & Facebook page, it’ll make all our hard work worthwhile πŸ™‚

One final thought, if you have any comments or feedback you wish to share with us, please do so below and add your comments, and if you have any questions, please do get in touch, let’s talk. You can pre-register on the landing page and we will keep you up to date with all developments

Kindest Regards,

Jon Skinner – Managing Director

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