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We’re very excited to announce a new partnership between Music Gateway and KDigital Media, a Korean label, digital distributor and publisher. The combination of experience and knowledge is sure to form a rich partnership that will not only strengthen both businesses, but also benefit our users here at Music Gateway users and the established contacts of KDigital.

As one of the most well-established music industry companies in Asia, KDigital are committed to serving both the independent and major music companies and share our ethos of supporting and assisting valued talent around the globe.

The CEO’s of both companies, Jon Skinner and Charlie Ahn, have enjoyed over 30 years of experience in the music industry collectively, and identified an opportunity to join forces. This was to establish better contacts for both companies worldwide, but also to provide more opportunities for those involved with the respective businesses.

Charlie Ahn, CEO of KDigital, said of the joint venture:

“I love what Music Gateway are all about, it’s really refreshing to work with a company where our goals are aligned. We see this as win win, good for our Asian partners and a great way of tapping into MG’s constantly growing plethora of talented users.”

We are thrilled to be working with KDigital, because although we have connections with individual companies in locations such as Singapore and Japan, the partnership will allow us to become more involved in the Asian market and serve the wealth of talent there.

Early projects between the two companies have already seen success stories. Little Tokyo, one of Music Gateway’s many fantastic producers, has completed a project with KDigital that is set to be the new single for one KDigital’s hot new female artists.

We believe that this is just the beginning of what will be a valuable partnership that will create a huge amount of new projects through the unique platform.

Previous projects similar to Little Tokyo’s have earned some users between $5,000 and $30,000. The Asian market is thriving right now, particularly within the KPop sector. To be involved with one of these projects, register with Music Gateway and we will notify you whenever an exciting new opportunity arises!

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