Music Gateway sponsors USA Songwriting Competition 2014!

Written by Mary Woodcock

05 February 2014

Join thousands of creatives in our global community

We are happy to say that we are sponsoring the 19th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. The participants will be competing in 15 different categories including Dance/Electronica, Jazz, Pop, Rock/Alternative and many more. The Overall Grand Prize includes Radio Airplay and $50 000 in Cash and Merchandise. Music Gateway has contributed towards the prises offering $12 000 worth in pro level subscriptions. This is a great opportunity for talented songwriters, lyricists, composers, bands and artists from all over the world to win!

Success stories include the Winners in 2013, American Authors with their song “Believer”. Before singing up to the competition they were unsigned and unheard of, but after winning they were signed to Island Records and hit the Billboards Hot 100 charts!

There are plenty of reasons to enter. 2nd place has a prize of $9000 worth of merchandise, and 3rd place gets $6500 worth of merch!

Each category has a winner, and there is an honourable mentions list which spotlights tracks that deserved special attention. Even those that don’t win get incredible exposure and could even get picked up:

“This is a great place for talent to be found” ..Monte Lipman, President & CEO of Universal Records

So now is a great time to start collaborating on new or unfinished projects! Go to our Projects page and create some projects to make sure you are ready for making the most of this fantastic opportunity!

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