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Music Gateway suspends SoundCloud use in bid to back PRS for Music

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As you may know, PRS for Music and SoundCloud are in an ongoing dispute over whether the service needs a licensing deal with PRS for Music for streams within the UK and Europe to remunerate their members.

At Music Gateway we firmly support our partnership with PRS for music and their impending copyright infringement lawsuit against the streaming service. We are backing PRS for Music’s stand for change by no longer allowing SoundCloud access on Music Gateway.

We wish to support PRS for Music’s move and its members, as we believe they should be compensated fairly for all streaming and use of their music. As SoundCloud is effectively no different from other streaming services – whom have existing deals with PRS – a fair deal should be made to ensure rights-holders receive royalties for streaming of their music on SoundCloud.

We still feel that SoundCloud is a great platform and would like to re-allow our members to use the site as a way to share and upload music to their profiles and projects however, SoundCloud currently operates against our core values and licensing is needed before future access is re-instated.

We hope to spread the word to our members and show our support for PRS for Music’s cause and intended outcome from the current contradiction with the online music service.

Our CEO, Jon Skinner explains further;

“Since we launched in Aug 2013, we have provided our members with the ability to log in and embed their music from SoundCloud. As a company, we have a duty to look after the best interests of our members, the majority of which are registered with PRS alongside other organisations such as the Musicians Union, BASCA, PPL, ASCAP, AIM, BPI and the Music Publishers Association. Whilst SoundCloud provides a good B2C service, it needs to fairly compensate rights holders for streaming their music and I look forward to a quick resolution.”

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