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Music Gateway’s Brand New Features & Benefits - Launch 12/10/2017

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Over the past few years, we’ve been busy building and developing our platform, to give you the best possible experience, ensuring that you only need to focus on the fun stuff: creating and listening to music.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the upcoming changes (launching October 12th, 2017) that we’re making to the platform, and detail how they can be of benefit to your career or business.

The Music Gateway Cloud 

(Central File Storage System)

What is it?

The Music Gateway Cloud – think Dropbox, but better.

How does it benefit you?

The Music Gateway Cloud allows you to store all your music catalogue and send it to third parties without having to create numerous folders and sharing links.

How do you currently store your music and media? Hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon?

For those who already store their data in the cloud, having your files to hand wherever you are in the world is crucial to the way modern creatives work, whether on the move or in the office. We have developed a cloud storage system built specifically with you and how creatives work, in mind. As well as being able to manage and organise your entire catalogue, all your files are integrated with our existing marketplace, playlist, and sync licensing portal (us acting as a sync agent on your behalf – optional of course).

The Global Marketplace

What is it?

Connect to and access our community of 40,000+ creatives worldwide.

How does it benefit you?

There is no avoiding the fact you need to work and collaborate with other people in the industry to get ahead in the business and that’s exactly what our community and marketplace allows you to do.

It’s not hard to find people, it’s about finding the right people that are either aligned to your goals or musical like-minded.

Everything starts with a Project, which can be a co-write, collaboration or a label, publisher or music supervisor looking for songs or to sign artists. You will find every project type to meet your needs.

The simple steps to follow are as simple as this:

– Create project and define your needs

– We matche & notifies relevant people

– Interested parties pitch (message & approach the project owner) to secure business or submit their music

– The project owner decides who to engage with & manages any submissions and files with our unique tools

The marketplace is split into two key areas. The high level professionals (Influencer + Game changer accounts) and a tier (accessed by the adventurer accounts) is available to browse and access.

The higher tier for grants the ability to search and browse others in that tier. There is the functionality to directly approach and contact people (higher tier) which enables them to do direct business and transact as you desire. There are no commission fees for any business conducted within the marketplace under £1,000. There are also no connection fees whatsoever, check the account details here.

We appreciate that not everyone in the high tier will want to be approached, therefore you have the ability to disable this feature.

Global File Metadata Management

What is it?

A Metadata Management System meeting standards set by the Guild of Music Supervisors.

How does it benefit you?

The Global File Metadata Management System allows you update and add metadata to your files, with ease.

Managing data can be a real nightmare, and very time consuming.

Through our easy to use specialist tools, you can update and save data to your MP3 audio files in the cloud. It’s important that when sending music to A&R, record labels, music publishers, artist managers and music supervisors, your information is present and accurate. It can be the the difference between getting the deal or not.

We have removed the pain of managing this process via local software and are encouraging the music community to address the importance of correct metadata. Our playlist sales pitching tools allows you to present your music outside the Music Gateway platform. We will ensure your data is handled correctly, while also meeting the standards set out by the Guild of Music Supervisors.

Ultimately, it’s about saving time and working like the professionals, in turn growing your business and career.

Content Management & Song Database

(CRM Address Book & Works Management)

What is it?

Your Music Industry Address Book & Song Catalogue Management System.

How does it benefit you?

The CRM Address Book & Song Catalogue Management System allows you to keep all your industry contacts, writers, collaborators, rights holders and clients in one place.

Who remembers the old roller deck? Well, things have certainly moved on a bit since those days. Our new content management system not only provides a secure area for you to store and manage all your precious industry contacts, but also allows you to integrate that data with your files, playlists, projects, the sync licensing portal and marketplace features. Our whole approach to integrated tools saves you bundles of time, time that would be better spent on your creative work and building your business. That’s why Music Gateway is a market leader, delivering the ultimate 360 solution for creatives, everywhere.

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OK, have we won you over yet? Brilliant. Head over to our signup page here and discover how our new features can enhance your business and career.

Thanks for reading and NJoy using the site! MG Team

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