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I’ve been making music across the dance genre board under various aliases for 5 years or so. I’m still new to the scene and learning new mixing mastering and general production techniques every day and I’m more than happy to share this knowledge. I love collaborating with other musicians or simply helping them out with their productions. So stay tuned for future blogs or get in contact at


Logic offers a wide range of tools to enhance your productions. You will find that people are always spending loads of money to enhance their mix with external plug-ins. You don’t always have to pay big money for pro quality. You just need to know where to look.

LKJB Luftikus EQ

Luftikus is a digital adaptation of an analogue EQ. I know mastering engineers who use this EQ in their professional work. I have been warned against using the analogue simulation setting on this. so just go ahead and switch off the analogue switch at the bottom before you start EQing but use your own discretion. I would defiantly suggest turning on the mastering switch at the bottom of the display. this setting gives you more accuracy and who doesn’t want that! the best thing about this EQ is that it has pretty colours….. AND ITS FREE!


Voxengo is a brilliant company that offers you high quality professional audio plug-in for a decent price and sometimes costs nothing at all.i have been using the spectrum analyzer SPANfor years now. it is basically an extremely reliable analyser like the one that is built into the logic EQ. It’s the kind of thing that you would have open in the corner of your screen when mixing to watch the balance of your mix and keep an ever watchful eye on your frequency field. It’s good to have a visual representation of whether your track is to sibilant or sub heavy. although you should try and trust your ears. Its not to expensive ether only £350… I’m joking it’s free!

I would also suggest the loudness maximizer voxengo elephant. it’s a “mastering limiter” basically makes things nice and loud. Just go easy on this one and don’t get carried away. maybe avoid it all together if you haven’t got much experience in limiting. The MSED is good to….. just get everything from Voxengo!

Native instruments

If you don’t know who native instruments are then get on the case. Their solid EQ is a versatile, 6-band equalizer with switchable characteristics. this one actually costs money but nothing compared to other pro EQs. (in my opinion) it’s worth the price when you consider the quality of the product. I also love the solid buss compressor and the solid dynamics plug-ins. but the price of these plug-in will quickly add up.

Tokyo dawn records

These guys have some really interesting plug-ins and worth having a look at, especially the TDR Feedback Compressor its worth having a scroll through and checking these guys out. the reason i suggest this one specifically is because its FREE!

Ignite amps

These guys make plug-ins that emulate guitar and bass amps. These are obviously good if you are recording or producing for a rock band but they can be used more broadly and subtly in a dance track for example I always amp up the top end of my baseline to make that baby purr.


check out the “Molot” and “Limiter ?6″ there a compressor and limiter The compressor adds a lot of colouring to sound ” This compressor is not for beginners. It’s pretty hard to tune it up but if you’re able, you’ll get THE sound!” the limiter looks a little overwhelming at first but it has the same basic controls as a normal compressor. It’s good to have a few to choose from and make the right decision for each tune.

The list goes on and on and I am likely to do a part 2 in the not so distant future.

I wouldn’t suggest delving too far into these plug-in if you are new to music production as it’s easy to go overboard. Just keep in mind that it’s the adding of lots of small details that make up the big picture. not big edits in EQ and compression. “the secret to having a loud track isn’t mastering its sparse arrangements and having the room to boost dynamics.” – Doug Shearer (Point blank – music production pro)

Now get going and enjoy.

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