New Job Openings at Music Gateway

Written by Oli De St Croix

01 April 2019

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Job Opportunity

We’re hiring! We’ve been expanding our team like there’s no tomorrow recently at Music Gateway. We are seeking two talented professionals who thrive in an exciting environment. Join our team based in London and expand your career. No two days are ever the same!

Gateway Operational Executive:

This individual must be highly organised, have an aptitude for ‘leaning on their feet’, and have 3 years experience in operating heavy machinery.

You will be expected to liaise with visitors and clients at the office entrance, and manage both the opening and closing of the gateway (whenever required). It is also important that you encourage synergy and effective interdepartmental communication.

You will also be required to compile a weekly report summarising gateway usage. You should regularly brainstorm ideas to how the operation could be more effectively managed. Finally, the CEO will expect to be alerted as to when the gateway is being operated…

Gateway Operations Assistant:

This is the perfect entry level role in the gateway operational sector! Individuals can expect their daily duties to consist of the following.

Operating the gateway whenever required (as instructed by the Gateway Operational Executive). Performing numerous ad hoc tasks ranging from gateway maintenance. Carrying provisions and deliveries to and from the gateway to the office.

This lucky individual will also receive certification from the chartered institute of gateway operations after successful completion of the 6 month probationary period!


If either of these positions sound like the right fit for you, then click the link below for more details.

We have the gate, and you have the key…




Happy April Fools day!

The team at Music Gateway



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