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NextGen Competition – How Do People Enter?

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“NextGen is a really exciting concept to be a part of and is a great way of reaching young people and encouraging them express their musical creativity and ideas.”Aston Merrygold, Artist / NextGen Judge

As long as you’ve got the music then you’re pretty much there! You just need to record your performance (camera phone is fine), and send it in to be listened to by our judges.

Meet the Judges

How Can I Enter?

It’s super easy to submit your music, you need to be between 14 – 23 years old. We’ll be running two age group competitions, one for 14-17 year olds and one for 18-23 year olds (your age on 1st September 2017). If you are entering a band, choir or any other ensemble piece we will need all entrants to sign up to the submission page.

What Happens After I Submit My Music?

All the music is listened to by our industry music experts and judges. Once the shortlisted finalists are chosen, all judges will then listen again to decide and note on their favourites to become the overall two winners.

Мusic Gateway’s concierge team will check all the entries are working and presentable to our judges. We’ll contact you if there’s any problem.

What Do I Receive if I Win The Competition?

Apart from having your music listened to by 24 VIP industry members and having been chosen as the best in the UK (so ultimate bragging rights) you also receive £5000 worth of recording & production at a top London studio plus loads of other prizes and equipment to be announced. This is a life changing opportunity for a worthy winner so don’t be shy!

Prize Awards

What Are The Judges Looking For?

The judges come from all over the creative industry (TV, Film, Advertising & Music) and with different backgrounds and jobs within it, they’re going to be looking at a variety of different things.


Submit any type of musical performance, video or audio, from a camera phone or any other recording device. This can include any type of performance, singing, playing instruments, solo or groups/ensembles etc. It can be original music or covers of existing music and can be any genre of music from Grime to Classical, there are no limitations.

Don’t worry if it’s not a perfect recording quality – that’s our job for later! But we can only spot your talent if we get to hear your work…

If you’re not ready to submit your entry but want to get started on being even more creative and collaborative with industry professionals, get signed up to Мusic Gateway today to connect. With members and talents all over the world, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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Too Young or Too… Mature?

Мusic Gateway is a platform that connects people from all over the world to other great musical talents and opportunities. If music is something you’re interested in doing as a career or even as a serious hobby then don’t hesitate to get signed up and get involved. Collaborating, producing, writing, remixing, placing songs with hit artists and TV, Film and Advertising slots, it’s all possible.


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