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NO DJ’s, JUST MUSIC DAY- 7am-7pm @BBC Radio 1

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From 7am to 7pm today BBC Radio 1 DJ’s take the day off with the most played tracks from the radio station over the past 5 years taking their place for one all day party.

Tune in now and see what you think of this! Do you like it or do you miss the DJ banter that we have grown so used to with Radio 1? This does lend itself to the question of whether listeners now prefer online/personalised radio stations such as Pandora and Itunes Radio to traditional radio; today may give some insight into that theory!

The Radio 1 DJ’s are still present on the official BBC Radio 1 Twitter however, also follow #evenmoremusic, and by the sounds of it are missing their input but also getting up to enough fun of their own with tweets such as…

“Nearly an hour in- I WANNA TALK!!!! Scott x”

“We’ve broken into BBC Weather! Yes! Hopefully they’ll let me on air. Scott”

It seems Scott Mills isn’t taking to this change well… This instagram video shows:

Maybe you prefer commentary on Twitter rather than on the station itself, giving you an option,  or maybe you miss being spoken to by your favourite DJ icons.

Personally I’m enjoying the playlist today so more music for me is proving great as it makes me want to ‘get my party on’ however I’m sure on the drive home today I may miss hearing those DJ voices to accompany me home! Only me? Ok…

What do you think of this different approach to today’s radio show? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments and as always… share and tweet!

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