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OK Media & the Importance of Presentation

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Music Gateway are proud to announce partnership with OK Media!

When it comes to physical media, presentation is everything. A well-presented product can help you stand out to the industry insiders you send your demo to, or make loyal fans out of casual observers at your shows; a mediocre product can cause your act to be forgotten quickly. Finding a company to create unique packages for your merchandise can be tough, but Music Gateway’s partner OK Media may well be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re sending your music to company representatives who receive hundreds of CDs a day, a CD-R won’t stand out, and will likely be forgotten. A well presented, professionally printed CD with a unique touch, however, will stand out above the others and help to form a positive impression of you before your music has even been put on the stereo.  Similarly, if someone buys a copy after hearing you for the first time at one of your shows, they’re more likely to become a dedicated fan if they feel that what they’ve purchased is an all-round great product, rather than a sloppily presented collection of songs. This, in the long term, will help you to achieve further sales when you release new music.

OK Media provide a range of unique services, aside from the usual CD replication, that can help your product to be the best it can be, as well as making that first impression a positive one. If you love the look of vinyl but don’t want to go through the expensive process of getting them pressed, you could go for vinyl effect CDs instead – the look and feel of vinyl but at a fraction of the cost. Using the same relief-printing process as used for the vinyl effect, OK Media are also able to make sections of the CD design pop out of the disc, meaning that your logo could stand out more by making it 3D. Even more unusually, OK are able to make scented CDs – artists can either choose from a large range of scents to embed into the CD, or can create their own scent to be added, making the product really stand out. On top of this, artists can choose the type of packaging to put their CD in. From the standard jewel case to cardboard wallets, DigiPaks or DigiFiles, OK Media have it covered.

First impressions can count for a lot and, as such, the presentation of your physical product is a crucial step to making that first impression a positive one. To take your product to the next level of presentation, check out Music Gateway’s partner OK Media at

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