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‘One for the history books’ Kanye West Interview with BBC Radio 1 – Listen and read!

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Mindblowing. This is the only word to describe this must hear interview. Monday night saw Kanye West speak openly to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 for quite easily the interview of his career. The rapper spoke on a variety of subjects from his music, to fashion, to his personal life with a furious passion.

“I’m going to try and make music that jumps up and affects you… I’m not here to make easy listening…easy programmable music.”

West talks about how he wants his music to make an impact on his listeners and the world, he is not aiming to please people but to make them feel empowered by his lyrics and songs. Zane Lowe supported this by describing West’s new album ‘Yeezus’ as “cracks in the pavement” as opposed to just a collection of hits.

“If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re not a fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself, you will believe in yourself… I’m the espresso, the shot in the morning to get you going.”

He also talks about Michael Jackson and how he owes his career to him.

“I would not be Kanye West, if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson. He had to fight to get his video played because he was black.” He speaks about Jackson as an inspiration and how he feels racism affected his career but how he overcame it. Breaking barriers.

West also talks about rap being the new rock ‘n’ roll, “we the new rock stars… I’m the No.1 rock star on this planet.” It is true to say that rap has become increasingly popular, whether they are the new rock stars is hard to say but it could be fair to say they are on a different/new level but just as important and powerful.

Views on the future are expressed to, “This is the information age” and West speaks about how the new technologies of the internet are just getting started and need to be embraced further and that he will make further impact within the next 10 years with his career in areas not just with music but in fashion and any other area he desires.

“They will play this interview in 10 years and say… he called that… he called that… he called that.”

Briefly he also spoke about his partner Kim Kardashian and his affection for her, “Kim gave me everything, she gave me a support system, she could love me without asking for money and that’s hard to find for me.” A strong relationship between the two is rightly displayed.

The main point to take from this interview despite some of his comments and ideas possibly seeming over the top and slightly ego based it shows how dedication can help you achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Don’t be afraid to venture into new things, “I always feel I could do anything,” This is the message we would like to point out to you from this interview. You can get anywhere if you try and fight any barriers that cross your way, don’t give up on your ambitions (or projects!) at the first hurdle but overcome it.

Listen to the full interview below and let us know your thoughts in the comments box, we would love to hear your views on the points raised and whether you agree with them. It is a very entertaining listen for sure!

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