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Good afternoon! We’ve had another great week here at Music Gateway, take a look at our pick of the best projects currently running!

Trumpet Player wanted for Collab on Garage Track

Project creator Still is seeking out a trumpet player to pitch him samples and collaborate on a garage track. There is a demo available for you to listen to on the project page, and Still is offering 30% of mechanical royalties, but this is open to negotiation.

If you are interested in this project, you can check out the demo and pitch on Still’s project HERE.

LAY DOWN – Remix Project

Music producer SAVERIO is in urgent need of a dance remix of the track “Lay Down” that is available to listen to on the project page. SAVERIO is a producer who has collaborated on a number of projects on Music Gateway before, and has received positive feedback from those involved in past projects.  A budget between €120 and €600 is available for this project.

If you are interested in collaborating on a remix project, you can check it out HERE.

Session Musicians Required by Mary Keey

Swiss singer-songwriter Mary Keey is seeking out session musicians for two separate projects. The first is project is looking for a pianist to play in a ballad-style part on an EDM track. You must be able to improvise, and there is a budget in the parameters of €108 and €300. You can pitch on this project and check out the track HERE.

Mary Keey’s second project is looking for somebody to supply a bass line for a funky glitch hop tune. Again, the budget for this project ranges from €108 to €300, and is available to pitch on HERE. The pitching period for both of these projects ends this week, so go take a look!

Get your Music out there! Artist and band feature projects

Get Your Music Heard

Get Your Music Heard is a project being run by Music Gateway user Music PromotionCompany. They are seeking out musicians, labels and producers to run a promotional campaign for, and what they’re offering is enough to make you drool. With connections to industry based magazines and other promoters in the field, MusicPromotionCompany are offering an introductory promotional campaign worth $499, absolutely FREE. Amazing, right? Absolutely. Promotion is an important part of any musician’s career, so it’s a good idea to get involved and pitch on this project!

You can check it out and discover some more details HERE.

Looking for artists to feature for interviews / reviews

Gateway Music user inevermissabeat is a journalism student and blogger looking for artists to review on the blog that she has been running for the past three years. Her favourite genres include pop, metal, indie, alternative and punk, so if you are a musician or are in a band that fit in with this style of music, it would be beneficial for you to make a pitch on this project and get yourself known! Blogging is very important for music discovery now, and as mentioned above, promotion is integral to your career as a musician.

You can check out the project HERE.

What else have we been up to at Music Gateway?

Well, we’ve been bringing you lots of handy tips, like the ten things you need to know when planning a tour.

We also advised all you songwriters out there about what your rights are and the things to know when you’re dealing with music publishers.

The biggest music news of this week came about when Taylor Swift decided to take her music off Spotify, and we opened up a discussion about artists and their royalties. She did, however, sell 1.3 million copies of ‘1989,’ so was this a smart move? Let us know what you think.

And finally, we all had a good laugh when poor old Russell Brand’s political statements were mixed with Blur’s ‘Parklife.’ If you haven’t seen it already, we advise that you check it out. It’s brilliant.

Anyway, from all of us here at Music Gateway, have a great weekend. See you Monday! Don’t forget you can contact us at

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