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So Happy To Celebrate The RISING Launch Today!

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So Happy To Celebrate The RISING Launch Today!

We’re so excited to finally be able to announce the launch of RISING!

Hosted by Ollie Winiberg of BBC Introducing, RISING provides a stage for artists to showcase their talent with thrilling live performances and allows fans to get to know the artists better through games and interviews. Empowering creatives is at the centre of everything we do. The debut series, RISING, follows our Spotify and YouTube playlist series of the same name, which highlights the hottest emerging talent. The best thing? You can get involved too – apply to feature on an episode! This is Мusic Gateway Presents: RISING. Watch it tonight at 7PM GMT on Brighton’s Latest TV Network. Not in Brighton? Tune in here to catch it streaming live!

Мusic Gateway Presents: RISING

Our very own Mark Adams is excited for viewers of the show to sign up and submit their music for a chance to appear on future episodes. “We’re really proud to present this amazing platform for new artists to shine,” he said. “A show for the next generation of music stars with tons of elements to help showcase the world’s hottest talent.”  


The pilot episode features the stunning sounds of Molly., Luke Burr, and Felicia Green. Ollie Winiberg elicits some fascinating revelations from the three. All whilst interviewer Kaia has a laugh playing “Would You Rather” and “Finish the Lyric”.  

The pilot will debut on November 1st and air throughout November. After the pilot, you can expect new episodes each month in the new year! If you’re interested in featuring on future episodes of this latest new music stage – submit your music to

For more information, follow and keep an eye on @Music_Gateway on Twitter, @MusicGateway on Instagram, and “Мusic Gateway” on Facebook.

Who Is Мusic Gateway?

RISING is just our latest endeavour to empower creatives. If this is the first you’ve heard of us, first of all, welcome! Мusic Gateway is a global online platform that curates products and services for users to manage their catalogue of music, build connections, find new opportunities, get represented for TV and film placements and send their music directly to publishers and labels. Create an account for free!

Submit your music to feature on the next episode of RISING!

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