Songwriters Wanted, Placements, Partnerships and More. This Week at Music Gateway 23/01/15

Written by Mary Woodcock

23 January 2015

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All of us here at Music Gateway hope you’ve had a good week! We’ve been working hard as ever, and have picked some of the best projects of this week. 


Seeking Talented Songwriters and Producers

DJ Komplex is seeking out producers and songwriters who are interested in joining a team whose sole interest is to attain placements in TV, films and video games for their songwriters. The production team are working alongside Universal Music Group (UMG) to find talented, hard-working writers to add to their roster. Find out more here

K-Pop and J-Pop Songs Needed

1 2 One Entertainment are currently well-established in the Asian music market, placing a large number of songs into the mix. They are now looking for more songs to represent/place, and have previously worked with likes of EXO and Girls Generation. Fees range from $3,000 to $30,000. Check out this unique placement project here.  

Songwriting Partner wanted for Soulful Vibes!!

Music Gateway user andydolan is looking to enter into a songwriting partnership with another Music Gateway user. Andy is a vocalist, and focuses mainly on lyrics and vocal lines. He is seeking out a partner who is serious about their music, and can help in the creation of both commercial and underground tracks, over a broad range of genres. Listen to some of his vocals and check out the project here.

We’ve also chosen a couple of our favourite blog posts from the past week.

Rania M M Watts delivered another brilliant blog post, this week telling us about her first experience of hearing brass in punk music.

The biggest news of the week though, was our partnership with KDigital Media! We’re very excited about this joint venture, knowing it will not only help us grow as a business, but will also benefit you, our users!

Finally, our intern Ryan (currently writing) is leaving today, and he will miss the Music Gateway team immensely! But hey, it’s Friday! Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to keep up-to-date on all of the projects that are created!

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