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Soonvibes – a new way to test your music potential

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Soonvibes, start-up launched at the end of 2012, it’s a new place in which artists are put in relation with music professionals. Artists can actively get real feedback about their tracks from a team of labels & DJs. Particularly the platform is determinated on becoming established in the electronic music environment and have just realized their main objective.

Soonvibes offers a system of blinded and aleatory notation favouring by this way an objective ranking of the tracks. So feedback is purely based on just the quality of the music. For example, the user can only vote after at least 20 seconds of a remix listening. The remix name only appears at this moment. For this reason, the marking system is completely unpredictable offering a huge diversity in opinions.

At Soonvibes, victory doesn’t exist thanks to popularity. Only real talent make you win. The remix contest of PogoPogo by Quentin Mosimann (74th on the international Dj ranking) in partnership with the label Dj Center launched on Soonvibes has been a real success.

You only need to check the results : 140 remixes were broadcast within 3 weeks with more than 15,000 marks and 5 000 comments; watch the winners’ announcement video with the live diffusion of the remix at a festival here.

Following the positive response the winner Merzo signed his remix at Dj Center. He also won the outcome of the official pack remix on Beatport, a meeting with Quentin Mosimann during the balances in Loft Metropolis on the 21th of september and a skip queue entry ticket for the dedication session. Between the 2nd and the 5th place, the winners won great advice and precious feedback from Quentin Mosimann including some “goodies”.

Finally, the impressive implication of all candidates motivated the Quentin Mosimann’s team on creating a special price named “Le Prix du Jury”, more symbolic, for 3 candidates.

This first success on Soonvibes opens the doors to many others partnerships which opens the door to new opportunities for young talents who are serious about their music career.

Check out Soonvibes and get dedicated industry advice on your tracks today!

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