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StreetArtDrop Charity Exhibition 2014

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Tuesday the 2nd of December will see the collaborative project, StreetArtDrop Charity Exhibition 2014, take place in Central London. Shearman and Sterling LLP, in association with, are working in conjunction with the StreetArtDrop project and Arts Gateway MK Charity in order to raise awareness for vulnerable women whilst also supporting arts in the UK. The event is being held near Christmas, as it is the time of year when families and friends come together for celebration and reflection, often looking to support those most in need. The event is also taking place on #GivingTuesday, a global initiative aimed at relieving some of the pressure brought about by spending money during the festive shopping season, and allowing people to focus more on charitable causes.

The entire exhibit is centred on the theme of a woman’s journey and healing process after suffering abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Statistics of abuse in the UK make for shocking reading; for example, 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, whilst at least 750,000 children witness domestic violence in their homes.  All proceeds from the event will go to Eaves, a charity dedicated to supporting women who have suffered from some form of violence in their lifetime, with expertise on dealing with the areas of sex trafficking, prostitution and sexual abuse. They also assist with rehabilitation by helping with employment and housing for those who have suffered abuse, whilst also educating as many people as the can about violence against women. You can find out more about Eaves and their services here.

StreetArtDrop is a project that was set up by artist Paul Letts in 2013, that focused on bringing people in different communities closer together by showing them abstract artwork that was “dropped” by Letts. In doing so, the project has allowed not only Letts’ art to gain exposure, but has also meant more people in the UK have the chance to be exposed to artwork on a daily basis. This project ties in well with both and Arts Gateway MK, who aim to increase awareness of the arts and support those who create it. is a digital platform that allows artists from any background to promote, publish and distribute their work all around the world, while Arts Gateway MK is a charity focused on the support and development of art in the Milton Keynes area. They help connect individuals through their newsletters, social media and quarterly ‘Mingle Network Events’ as well as helping artists and arts organisations hire gallery space to further promote their work. By coming together, all organisations are helping promote the awareness of abuse against women and also how art can bring communities closer together.

Tickets for the event are £15.00 and can be purchased here. However, if you are not able to attend the event you can make donations separately, or buy one of Paul Letts’ canvases, with proceeds going to Eaves. The StreetArtDrop Charity Exhibition 2014 is set to play a huge part in raising awareness of sexual violence against women and assist in aiding them. Christmas is the time of year that brings communities together to protect the vulnerable and raise funds for those who may require them. Please, take a moment to look at the event, and help support women and the arts today.

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