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Sync License, Topline Opportunities and the Digital Currency Bitcoin

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It’s been another great week in our offices. We’ve doubled the company value from £1million to £2million and it’s FRIDAY so we’re popping champagne over here (metophorically speaking, of course)! Lets have a look at what else has gone on this week.


Songs Needed for Major $5K- $30K Asian TV & Drama Sync Licensing Placements

We’re really excited about the prospects for this project! We’ve partnered with a major publishing company in the Asian Market and we’re acquiring songs on their behalf for sync licensing opportunities in Asian TV & Dramas. To read more about this opportunity visit the project page.

Tube & Berger – Topline & Vocalist required

Tube & Berger (currently on the ColludedManagement roster) are looking for an Indie Rock style vocalist to provide melody, lyric and top-line for two of their new Deep House tracks.

Tube & Berger is the alias of Deep House/Electronica producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovic from Germany. The duo is best known for their series of Beatport #1 records including Imprint of Pleasure , Come On Now (Set It Off) and Lovebreak.

For more information; click here.

Female Vocalist wanted for Game Soundtrack

Matt’s looking for a vocalist with a strong, powerful voice for an electronic/drum’n’bass/orchestral theme song for an in-game character. Matt and the developer are going to gather a list of singer’ portfolios and decide who is right for the theme song.

They have provided links to the theme song and their preferred type of voice on the project page.

Blogs and Discussions

Hate Nicki Minaj? Think Again.

Artists are portrayed in an aspect preferable to their fan base and genre of music. It’s important, however, that the true person behind an artist does not get lost. Billie Elgar watches Nicki Minaj’s documentary ‘Nicki Minaj: My Time Now’ and gives us an evaluation of the importance of artists being personable to fans through an assessment of her feelings towards the artist whilst watching the show. See for yourself.

Bitcoin opening doors for musicians

The digital currency, Bitcoin, was a game changer for the economy. With musicians being adopters of new technology and co-dependent on many software’s and online mediums in order to enhance their career, how does Bitcoin fit into the music industry? This blog has an insight into Bitcoin itself as well as the impact it has had and will continue to have in the music industry.

From the Flames: Where Veteran & Emerging Stars Collide

 A discussion with various artists about the importance of collaborations with other artists, in order to maintain a status and career in the music industry. It’s a tough world out there, but this article might make it that little bit easier!

If you want to expand your opportunities and search for other projects like the ones above. Join us today.

Written by Sophie Small

Follow Sophie on Twitter @RestlessNorth

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