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The Importance of Good Vocals – Introducing VSA

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I feel it is always important when listening to a song to appreciate all aspects of the track in hand. It can be  a shame when vocalists and songwriters are overlooked , especially in the Dance Music scene where a lot of the love goes out to the producers and yet a lot of the listeners remember the track for the Vocals ;which would not be possible without the huge amounts of effort, practise and training on behalf of these talented singers!

Enter the VSA. The Vocalist Songwriters Alliance is a community that supports and empowers its members to be more consistent and professional in an ever-changing industry that can be tough. They are committed to making sure vocalists and songwriters are getting the info on their various rights and they are really getting their voices heard!

Working Professionally

How many of you have a great track that is just missing something?  It’s likely a top line vocal. Sample Packs can be good sometimes, and VSA has had some dealings with that. But a lot of the time it can be tricky getting a sample to fit with your particular vibe, when what you really need is a dedicated professional vocalist to cater to the feel of your track.

You can almost instantly tell which vocals have been sampled and which have been recorded specifically for a track. A perfect example of the collaborative harmony between vocalist and producer is Phaeleh working with Soundmouse.

Getting someone to write and sing that perfect top line can easily take your track to the next level, and just makes it that bit more personal and moving.

“Collaboration is the meeting of minds and souls, that amazing union of melody and harmony where we connect not just as artists and creatives but as human beings. This moment should be nurtured, cherished and celebrated” Antonia Lucas, Founder VSA.

How many songs do you know where you just can’t get the vocal out of your head? The human ear is designed to listen out for voices, we actually hear the frequencies involved in speech louder than others. Our ability to remember words and lyrics is improved when attached to a melody.

I think it’s generally accepted and understood that the amount of effort and care you put into making or writing a song is going to be reflected in how satisfied  you are with the final product and how well it is received.

Music Gateway is  a great platform used for collaboration with vocalists or producers on your  project. Be connected with the relevant vocalists and songwriters that will bring your song from good to chart topping.

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