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The Music Industry – Breaking New Ground & Music Collaboration

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The Music Industry – Breaking New Ground & Music Collaboration

During the ’90s and early 00’s the Major Record Labels and key elements of the Top Level of the Industry were widely criticized for ignoring the rise of the internet.

Their failure to fully embrace the world of digital distribution had repercussions.

Whether this was down to an unwillingness to change something which wasn’t broken or a lack of foresight.

The end result was an industry stuck in its ways, without any real desire to adapt and work side by side with the inevitable development in technology.

My personal aim is to help rebalance this issue and the lack of investment in artist development across all genres and provide a simple environment whereby co-workers and professionals can control their own destiny.

A career in music should be sustainable and we will create opportunities and work from within the music community we will create.

We have created a simple work environment for you to create new music with a wide range of industry professionals from around the world.

Over the coming months, we shall be offering free advice, engaging with our members and supporting you where we can.

We shall also start to explain how music gateway works and the benefits to you as an individual and why we believe this is a service you can’t be without.

Thank you for visiting our Blog, please feel free to register for free and we can keep you up to date with our developments.

Jon Skinner
CEO & Founder
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