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Our friend Nathan Timothy, CEO of ‘ The Songwriting Charity is running the event ‘ Encore’ which aims to give young people with drug or alcohol issues an education in the emotional wellbeing of children through the mediums of songwriting and music production.

Promoting a safe and non-judgemental environment, the event is offering these young people workshops in vocal training, lyric writing, performing and the opportunity to record the work they create as well as making friends and learning valuable people skills along the way.

The charity is 76% funded by various donors including the National Lottery but the remaining costs need to be fundraised.

The funds are starting to come in, but the charity needs a lot of boosts to meet its target amount so let’s do what we can and send help towards a good musical cause!

As musicians ourselves we know how much we value the opportunity to learn and develop through music so let’s set a bit aside for those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves with those opportunities.

Please donate what you can here

If you like to find out more about the charity click here

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