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UK Music Apprenticeship Programme: How can this help your business?

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The first steps into the Music Industry are often difficult for young people even though they might have great drive to pursue a Music Industry career. They might even have extensive knowledge on the subject in theory from their studies, but most employers tend to only consider candidates with previous experience in the industry. And this is where the classic catch 22 happens – you need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job. So how do you get around this paradox? Our friends from UK Music in partnership with Creative & Cultural Skills offer an answer – the UK Music Apprenticeship Programme.

What do they do?

The main goals of The Apprenticeship Programme are to support companies in hiring committed and passionate apprentices to help get talented young people into paid jobs in the music industry.

What exactly is an apprenticeship?

This is a way for young people to get the needed experience and training for the career they want to pursue and gaining a qualification while earning a wage. An apprentice can be recruited for different departments in different roles in the industry including (but not limited to) music technology, live events and promotion, music business, creative and digital media and others.

Why should employers consider offering Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships can be tailored to the specific needs of the Business. They can also bring fresh new creative ideas, making the business more productive and competitive. It also provides these apprentices with the necessary funds to support themselves financially throughout the apprenticeship.

There are a range of Grants to help employers with the cost of employing an apprentice, available from the Central Government, The Creative Employment Programme and the Local Authorities. UK Music offers advice regarding the grants and free help with the applications.

How does UK Music help employers?

UK Music supports the process of hiring an apprentice from start to finish. They can help when choosing the right apprenticeship to suit the job role and they can match the business with a training provider who can offer free recruitment services and advertise the job role.

At Music Gateway we believe in providing opportunities for development. We understand the importance of making it easier for young people to get a chance to prove themselves, and show their talent and passion about their career. This is why we highly recommend you check out the scheme to find out the best way for your business to approach apprenticeships.

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