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Using WeTransfer? Find Out Why Our New Transfer Tool Rocks!

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Click this link. Go on, I dare you.

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Look familiar? That’s right, we’ve built our very own bulk file transfer system. Just one of the many music industry level tools included in your brand new shiny Music Gateway account. It’s fully integrated with your own file storage system, very much like Dropbox, but tailored to need the needs of creatives everywhere.

Why does our transfer tool rock?

Firstly, we did some research and spoke to some real humans who use WeTransfer on a regular basis. The results were very interesting, we found out that over 75% of them repeatedly send the same files over and over again. Over 60% needed to send large files whilst on the move and therefore on their phones. They either needed to upload files from their phone (and couldn’t do it) or experienced a lack of bandwidth wasting tons of time and effort. Most worked to tight deadlines and work from multiple locations all the time.

Over 60% Need To Send Files On The Move & Can’t

We’ve addressed these issues and the solution was pretty simple.

If you have all of your tracks already stored within your cloud file storage area, then you don’t have to keep re-uploading them every time you need to transfer them. Our secure and super fast platform, also gives you the ability to upload files from anywhere and also add them to playlists for that ultra professional and personalised delivery and presentation.

You can just click, copy the link and send it to your client and you’re done!

Don’t Waste Time Re-uploading, Share Instantly

We’ve had tons of requests from our community to develop this feature and it’s a pleasure to be able to now see them benefit from its use. We exist to make your life easier, so you can concentrate on making the best music.

Want to try it yourself? Simple login here or start your free 14-day-trial.

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