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It’s that time of year again. You’re either ready to get loved up with your other half with a bottle of wine and tasty meal or you’re having a single’s night out in retaliation.

Is Valentine’s Day a day you enjoy or is it just another day? It’s a time for showing your loved one how much they mean to you some say, this is true however it can also leave a hole in the wallet. One thought I would like to put forward is that it is the thought that counts the most when gift buying so don’t feel the need to buy £300 diamonds or a games console as it’s a day for spending with your partner and showing how much they mean to you; not showing them what money you’ve spent on them! Get them something that means something to them. I’ve used favourite band merchandise before and that went down well, fair priced and received the biggest smile in return.

Today is usually split into three different types of people, the happy kind, the sad kind or the “It’s just another day” kind. Do let me know in the comments your view on this day of the year whether they be positive or negative I want to hear them! I will always remember standing very awkwardly on a bus with a big bunch of roses with everyone staring at me, I got off the bus quickly needless to say.

No matter what category you fall into here are two songs from two brilliant singer/songwriters Nicki Kris and Linda Harrison.

Check out ‘Let Your Love Rain Down On Me’ By Nicki Kris and ‘Be With You’ by Linda Harrison.

These songs will surely spark that love flare inside you. So here is our treat to you, they are currently signed up to Music Gateway so give them a listen and enjoy!

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