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Robert Lunte is an internationally recognised voice coach and teacher, known as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world today, Robert Lunte helps contemporary singers learn new extreme methods of singing and techniques. Robert is also the author and producer of the popular DVD extreme singing training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing”, which is sold in over 90 countries world-wide.

Robert is the protege of the late Maestro David P Kyle who also trained Geoff Tate – Queensryche, Layne Staley – Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell – Soundgarden/Audioslave, Ronnie Monroe – Metal Church and Ann Wilson – Heart. TVS (The Vocalist Studio) is pushing the envelope of what contemporary vocalists can achieve and help to pioneer a new breed of “vocal athletes”.

TVS, The Vocalist Studio offers one of the leading voice techniques and methodologies in the world for contemporary voice study. With Robert Lunte and his international team having developed one of the most innovative sets of techniques and products for singers today, which is recognised anywhere. Especially for existing students of singing, TVS training will unravel the mystery of the secrets behind how the voice really works and show you a path to results that were missing in other programs. For people who are new to the world of singing, TVS establishes a world best foundation for extreme singing techniques, with most of their beginner students reaping the rewards of serious training, with remarkable results in less than 60-90 days.

Lunte’s innovative approach focuses on two skill sets with great expertise that all singers seek to achieve, which are; the ability to seamlessly bridge chest and head resonance, isolation of all constriction or breakage and head voice development to create a full and powerful tone. With not everyone being able to train privately with Robert in Seattle, or enhance their personal lessons, he has written and produced a comprehensive vocal training system that is unique in the industry.

“The Four Pillars of Singing” offers to singers over 435 rich media files and 16GB of high definition video and audio content that explains and demonstrates the universe of extreme singing and the techniques required to learn it. Having also pioneered real-time private voice training over the Internet via web cam media delivery, TVS has been able to make the techniques accessible to an international market of singers and voice enthusiasts by offering regular “Training Vocal Athletes” workshops in Europe. Check out Roberts products here at

Robert’s “Training Vocal Athletes Master Class” has been presented in over 7 European countries and done over 8 tours. With the tours being unique in the industry, companies that provide tools and technology for singers embrace the chance to sponsor such an event like this.

Mr.Lunte is also the founder and CEO of The Modern Vocalist, which is an international organisation  that hosts the worlds number one online social network for singers. Music Gateway is joining partnerships with The Modern Vocalist World to utilise their vast network of singers to help them get projects on the go and also gain work themselves.

We asked Robert Lunte a few questions regarding his career and how vocalists can benefit from collaborations in this day and age.

1. Have you always enjoyed the art of music? How long have you been singing for?

Yeah pretty much…I’ve been singing since i was 14, but professionally since about 21.

2.Whats the best advice you have ever been given as a singer?

That is merely impossible to answer, but as a singer, not as an expert in vocal technique…to transcend past the technique and work to express yourself and free yourself not from technique, but thinking about technique…is a common and very fundamental piece of advice that everyone benefits from that is involved in the study of voice techniques.

3. What advice would you give to a vocalist starting a singing career?

Train! Build the physical strength and coordination you need for singing…singing is a sport and the training of it is a lot about building muscular strength and coordination that most people are not born with. Singing well is not something you’re born with really, it’s something you learn to do with practice and training.

4. Who are your inspirations?

Geoff Tate, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Perry, Ray Adler, Peter Murphy and Morrissey…i’d say…

5. How valuable do you feel collaboration is for a vocalist?

For a vocalist, probably more valuable then any other musician! Unless all you want to do is sing acapella. Singer’s, generally speaking, need players to do their craft. Singers need bands, pianos, guitars and others to work with to create a complete work of vocal art. This is why i felt that Music Gateway was very interesting for singers. Singers and students of vocal technique have a huge need for backing tracks to train with and to practice with, to create their art. Bands are not always easy to find and maintain, but project work, that involves making recordings and working with backing tracks is a bit more reliable. I always advise my students to keep looking for that perfect band, but in the meantime, get involved in some projects…make recordings. A service like Music Gateway is perfect for that.

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