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We Review Mintpig’s Services for the Music Industry

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Mintpig is a progressive, and not to mention refreshingly named, design agency and management company. Together with a new location in Central London, Mintpig’s move to the UK has also given rise to a diversification of its services. Once a toddler paddling around in the music industry’s shallow end, Mintpig is now wading into deeper and more exciting waters, with artist management, design and creative work comprising its new endeavours.

Among the many strings to Mintpig’s bow is its branding department. The Mintpig branding team focus primarily on providing companies with that all-important image and brand profile. Indeed, a brand image can be the difference between a thriving company and a mere blotch on the business landscape. With customers spoilt for choice on the internet, it is crucial for companies to catch the eye of potential clients as they surf past hundreds and hundreds of different sites. As many companies are at a loss when it comes to accurately describing their ethos, the branding slice of Mintpig’s pie takes the thoughts of companies and turns them into a strategic and alluring brand profile.

Mintpig is also making huge strides with its graphic design department. Whilst the exact definition of graphic design is debated as often as rain graces the shores of England, it essentially refers to anything which can be done with words and pictures to convey information. Yep, why have boring and coma-inducing sentences peppering an already crowded website when a picture can tell a thousand stories? Well with Mintpig by their side, customers need not give a second thought to such questions.

As a result of recent technology surges, companies are now blessed with an ability to create 3D animations and logos, and Mintpig is taking that ability to entirely new and innovative levels. Mintpig’s team are capable of hashing out short video loops for 3D logos or branding animation. That’s right, a task which previously required a small army of artists, is now done in a fraction of the time, with an ever-improving final product. After all, Mintpig’s cherished slogan does read ‘we are judged by what we finish, not by what we start’.

Also nestling among Mintpig’s newest endeavours is its focus on music, particularly its music studio and artist management service. Indeed, for a far-from-scary price, budding artists lacking in experience can feel taken care of in the arms of Mintpig’s experts.  Working on a daily rate, Mintpig engineers will help artists to record and organise their tracks, with a mastering stage also included. And these artists need not worry about the future of their cherished music, as Mintpig also boasts an artist management department. Yes indeed, with Mintpig’s wide range of industry contacts, new artists can sleep easy, and simply concentrate on their next masterpiece(s).

So whether it is working with companies to establish the image they wish to convey, creating groundbreaking 3D animations, managing DJs, or booking artists, Mintpig’s global services embrace everything new and innovative which the modern world has to offer. Combine this with a ridiculously enthusiastic work force and an unrivalled pride in the final product, and you have a company which is simply going from strength to strength…to strength.

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